Momusu autographs.

Paul recently wrote a post at his blog ( about a new item that Ohta was selling at his eBay store. The description says that this autograph card was signed back in 2000 while Momusu was in the waiting room of a television studio.It was signed to someone but was now for sale! All 10 members who were in the group at that time signed it. This card includes the autographs of Yuko, Gocchin, Yossi, Nono, Nacchi, Kei, Marippe, Aibon, Rikachan, and Kaorin. I was a bit hesitant as the price was quite hefty and I just recently got the autographs of Sayu, Tanakachi, and Kamei. I told myself that if it was still there the next day then that'll be a sign. It was still there so I bought it! Being that E.T. is still waiting for his pink Risakochan t-shirt set to arrive he appears to have taken a liking to the autograph card. LOL. 🙂

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8 Responses to Momusu autographs.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    That is really nice. I'm so jealous! It has to be the greatest Morning Musume item ever!


  2. I really can't believe that someone sold this! It represents a special time and great lineup of Momusu.


  3. Very kewl! -I've always liked being able to get autographs too!


  4. Thank you Dark Knightingale! These are really rare. I don't have that many autographs. Other musical artists that I have autographs from are Susanna Hoffs and Harry Connick Jr. A Sony representative got me Susanna Hoffs autograph and I had to run after Harry Connick Jr. down a hall in the Sheraton Hotel. We had just seen his big band concert and he popped in to say hello at the post show party but wasn't going to stay. He was leaving with his wife Jill Goodacre and a friend of mine started to run after him and I thought okay I'm going too! LOL. It's pretty funny thinking about it now as he must have been shocked to see us running after him with sharpie's in hand. 🙂


  5. I just have my Rik Emmett autographs now. My sister and Mom misplaced some of my stuff, including my autograph collection. I used to have Steve Vai and his "Sex And Religion" tour bands autographs with one of his "light without heat" guitar picks, Dee Snider, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson, to name a few.
    -I'm STILL kinda steamed about the loss…
    he he he -Mel Gibson was surprised… They were shooting scenes for "Lethal Weapon III" at the marina in Clearwater, Florida. I snapped a few pics, but he escaped in his limo, driving as if he was leaving the beach. (a couple of us knew better 'tho…) We knew he had a room at The Holiday Inn on the beach, and we waited in the lobby for him. He thought he had everyone fooled by pretending to leave the beach!!!
    -Wish I still had all my stuff…


  6. How did you get Rik Emmett's autograph? He's such an incredible guitarist! Steve Vai is on a level all his own! I love watching his "Alien Love Secrets" DVD! It's amazing what he can do with a guitar. His work on "Eat em and Smile" is one of my favorites. I like the monkey grip on his guitar. 🙂 Heheh I like how you got Mel Gibson's autograph! His expression of surprise must've been a good one. I love the Lethal Weapon movies too.


  7. I met Rik at the annual Guitar Festival here in 2004 (Father's Day). He was a Judge this particular year, and was doing a short outdoor performance at the local public television studios, and I caught him after his show, in the TV station.
    Mel Gibson's "look of surprise", was more like a look of exasperation… Like "WTF???" He was kind enough to pose for a pic, and give a couple of quick autographs to us.
    Steve Vai… -I caught him backstage. He was signing a stack of glossies for the radio station when I approached him. I asked him for his autograph… He just looked at me for a second, signed it (saying nothing) gave it to me and went back to signing his glossies.
    (glossies: -Color photographs)


  8. Dark Knightingale it's really great how you got these! I'm glad that Mel Gibson turned out to be nice and it sounds like Mr. Vai was having a non social day. Maybe he was upset because he had to sign all those glossies! Still great that you met him in person up close and got his autograph. 🙂


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