ラブハロ!高橋愛 DVD。


From her first "hello" you realize (or at least I did) that this is going to be the best "Love-Hello!"/ "Alo-Hello!" release ever! Aichan starts off with a bit of shopping as she's looking for some omiyage for her fellow members in Momusu. Aichan is so fun to watch in the shop as she has a playful demeanor. As she passes another shop something is giving her an uneasy feeling ("kimochi warui"). It turns out to be framed icky stuff like centipedes, scorpions,etc. I'm not sure what kind of gift these would make or who would want them. They're pretty disturbing and Aichan gives a disturbed look before leaving and quite quickly I might add. While in the next shop Aichan learns that in Thailand a common practice is negotiating prices with the sellers with the use of a calculator. She finds a little golden statue that she takes a liking to and after numerous attempts (her facial expressions are so cute and I guess that applies this whole DVD heheh) she is unable to get the price down low enough. But luckily she finds the exact same statue at another shop and gets the price that she wanted! 🙂 After a bit more shopping she displays all of the gifts that she was able to find including one that a lucky fan who mails in the postcard will receive as a gift. Unlike most of the recent "Alo-Hello!"/ "Love-Hello!" DVDs that I've watched recently, Aichan's is filled with lots of mizugi scenes! The first being a stroll on the beach in a cute red bikini. She later playfully climbs up a tree and gets on a swing. Next Aichan goes on a ride through the town and a funny moment occurs when they're at a stop and a driver in a car next to them says hello, startling her. Next on the agenda is a massage. Aichan really enjoys it and the pics speak for themselves above. Next Aichan enjoys a sunset while wearing headphones (her solo song "Yume kara samete" plays in the background). I think it was a dog that ran by and got a great reaction out of her. Next up is dinner time and Aichan gets a chance to see an open seafood market. Sometimes Aichan actually sounds American when she speaks English. It's her pronunciation that's really good! After seeing a giant crab in one of the tanks she says "yes." I'm sure when anyone sees/hears this they will agree. When she said "yes" I had to rewind it. :O Later she exclaims "let's go!" I think that her English pronunciation is the best of all H!P members (excluding Ayaka of course who's from Hawaii). On a old episode of "Futarigoto" Aichan was talking to Gakisan about how they both know very little English but wished that they could speak it well. I don't know how much of an English vocabulary she has but her pronunciation is very good. Aichan is given a giant lobster to hold by its long whiskers and she starts to freak out eventually dropping it and running away. LOL. What's for dinner? Lobster! Aichan enjoys the lobster but when she tries the sauce she declares it to be too hot! Next up is a bit of dance practice. After pinning up her hair she does some stretching and as you can see she's very flexible! She then practices some dance routines. Next is a visit to see the elephants. Aichan buys some bananas which are available to visitors so that they can feed the elephants. She then gets to ride an elephant and it's really cute when she gets on and is appologizing to the elephant for stepping on him/her. The next stop is the most fun to watch segment that I've seen so far on any of the DVDs in this series. Muay Thai! Aichan enters a Thai boxing training facility and after watching some sparring she is asked if she would like to work out a bit herself. She starts off on a weight machine that works the back and shoulder area. She then tries some situps on an incline. Ouch! Next up are some curls! It's almost surreal seeing this. Aichan lifting weights!! It's an incredible sight. Next up is some jump rope excercises. Think Rocky but a million times cuter!! LOL. Now Aichan is ready for the ultimate challenge. Time to get into the ring to learn some kicks! With the help of one of the boxers she delivers some pretty good kicks even if her foot begins to hurt as she kicks the pads that he's wearing. There is no way I can describe this well enough you just have to see it yourself! It's just too cute! After her workout she checks out some of the boxing accessories that they have for sale. After grabbing some noodles for lunch from a street vendor Aichan heads poolside. Wearing a cute red, orange and yellow striped bikini Aichan looks absolutely incredible (actually she looks incredible throughout this entire DVD :)). Wearing a pretty flower in her hair Aichan sings an acappella version of "Yume kara samete." I'm not sure how many of the Momusu members could do this outside of Mikitty. She sounds really great. During the last part of the song the studio recording kicks in and is accompanied by some candid outtakes that are made to look like old home movies. You'll know what I mean when you see them. Next up is a message from Aichan as she reflects on her experiences in Thailand plus she has a message for fans watching her DVD. Just like Kamei, Aichan has the most honest laugh! 🙂 Afterwards is a slide show full of great pics and this is followed by some really great shashinshuu making of footage! This DVD runs about 1 hour and 7 minutes and there's also optional audio commentary by Aichan and Yossi which can be turned on and runs throughout the feature. Anyone can enjoy this DVD. You can recommend it to strangers on the street. LOL. Even if a person doesn't know who she is and has no idea who Momusu are they will still enjoy this DVD release! It's really that good even coming from the most biased person as Aichan has been my favorite Momusu member for a very long time. Heheh. Seriously though there's no way anyone can be dissapointed by this release. To state it firmly. This is the best H!P personality DVD that I own! Order yours today! You're going to love it! Catalog number: EPBE-5242.

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4 Responses to ラブハロ!高橋愛 DVD。

  1. Saburo says:

    Well, I'm not even into H!P much these days and I enjoyed this DVD immensely. Chalk it up to a couple of things:

    — An engaging, sincere personality on screen, and

    — THE H!P skin queen, bar NONE!

    Make no mistake: Aichan is hot! Gravure idols are churned out by the hundreds on a daily basis and yet our Gen-5 gal remains something special (of course Nacchi is making up for lost time, based on recent shashinshuu). That bit of her lounging by the bar was… I’m looking for that screenshot of her from the rear, from the montage at the end.
    Aichan also has a hella cute laugh, almost a squawk even. And this pops up frequently in the “audio commentary” with Yossie. The soon-to-be-ex-leader of Musume and Company constantly pokes fun at Aichan, provoking that uber-cute cackle of a laugh.


  2. paul.thomas says:

    Saburo, never before has seeing the back of someone been such an amazing experience ;p thats a great shot!! Aichan has a great body!I really need to get a copy of this DVD it does look good and from the the review it sounds good too. Only problem I'm having trouble finding time to sit down and watch the dvds. I still have Nacchi's DVD to watch…I've seen about ten minutes but there's just always something else i've got to do, really, really annoying!


  3. Paul Believe me you will find the time once this DVD is in your hands! The power of Aichan will magically clear your schedule. LOL.Saburo: 🙂


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