Momusu’s “Kanashimi Twilight” (another version) PV.

The bonus DVD that came with the limited edition type A cd contains an alternate version of the PV for "Kanashimi Twilight." Since the regular versions of the PV won't be released until May 2nd when Momusu's new PV collection "Eizo The Morning Musume 4- Single M Clips-" DVD is released this is the only PV that I've seen so far. While this PV is very simplistic and repetitive in nature it really creates a great visual experience! Of course I'm thinking that the regular versions of the PV will be much better. No doubt in that! With 9 members in the group right now they are divided into 3 equal groups. It's pretty awesome as my favorite 3 members are in the same group!!! 1. Aichan 2. Kamei 3. Kohachan!!! Everyone looks so cute and I'm sure you'll agree! 🙂 Oh and the song rocks too! You all know which 3 I would choose as my favorite trio (Aichan, Kamei, Kohachan). I'm curious as to which trio anyone else would pick. 


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4 Responses to Momusu’s “Kanashimi Twilight” (another version) PV.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    That's a tough one! Although the group you chose would be the obvious answer for me, I love Mikitty, Sayumi and Yossie in these video clips. Out of the three groups, I think it would be that group that I would choose.This video puts Sayumi in a whole new light for me, it's quite possibly the sexiest I've ever seen her, plus Yossie and Mikitty look equally as good.You'll love the regular PV, especially the Aichan kick at the start.


  2. Paul I thought for sure you'd pick the group with Kohachan. You do make a good point with Sayu's look! Any of the groups would be a good pick. 🙂 I look forward to seeing the Aichan kick!


  3. Saburo says:

    So "Eizo 4" has been released and of course there's a regular version and "close-up" version of "Kanashimi Twilight," along with the standard making-of video. There's also a fan club DVD release that I downloaded, an "Event V" release that is footage of the Hawaii trip along with a "dance shot" version of "Twilight." I am not sure if this dance version is exclusive to this FC DVD.
    Also there's a comprehensive translation of Mikitty's radio program from April 23 on Hello Online. She answered the e-mail of a local girl (Mainland gal who attends UH) who stalked the FC event at the Shell. Turns out Mikitty also noticed this and said she would ask Tsunku to give locals access to the next FC event. Naturally people are flipping out over this prospect. Do I believe any of this? Just a skosh.
    Event V DVD menu: 4 DVD menu:


  4. I'm looking forward to receiving their new PV clip collection with the new single's music video, hopefully next week. That fan club DVD sounds great as well. Mikitty asking Tsunku to allow locals to the next fan club event?!!!! She actually said that?! I wonder if Tsunku would have any of that. If it's true and it goes through then you know where I'll be when the next FC event comes here to Hawaii! :O


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