Momusu’s new single “Kanashimi Twilight.”

The 3 editions of their new single arrived today with some other releases. The more I listen to the song the more I like it! It really has a great rockin' drive to it. The coupling with song "Hand made CITY" has some wacky verses which are a lot of fun and the chorus is really catchy! I'm saving the PVs for tomorrow night so that I can crank it up! LOL.

Limited edition type A is seemingly the most plain of the 3. And it having the DVD as a bonus while the others have more collectable items such as booklet and a card make it seem that much more plain. The poses on the cover of the type A release are the best though especially Tanakachi, Mikitty, Aichan and Kamei! The whole group looks absolutely smoldering on the covers!

It's Limited edition type B that is the best and not surprisingly so. The slipcase and cd cover are both great looking and the 40 page booklet really raises the bar as far as pics of the group are concerned. Sorry I just shot these with my camera and I'm sure Tom will have great looking scans on his H!P blog ( From the first page when you see Mikitty!!! you know this is going to be special. She and everyone else looks incredible! All of their outfits are perfect as well! Below are shots of the booklet.


The regular edition has a nice look with the black borders and the first pressing comes with a photo card with a nice group shot.

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5 Responses to Momusu’s new single “Kanashimi Twilight.”

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I always just buy the limited editions, but I may have to start getting the first print regular editions as well, I'm really liking the photo card.


  2. paul.thomas says:

    Just opened 3 of your photos of the booklet, Mikitty, Aichan and Koharu, the photos are amazing, they all look so sexy. I thought the PV was amazing, but this booklets looks like it will out do the PV.


  3. Tom the photo cards are really nice and they are a good incentive to get the regular editions as well. Of course I'm a fanatic though. LOL. I'm going to watch the "another ver." version of the PV tonight as I won't have the regular versions until they release their new PV DVD collection. Pretty smart of them to put this new single's PV on that collection so that you have to buy it! Although I would have bought it anyway. Heheh. Yes the photo booklets keep getting better and better. The shots in this one are second to none.


  4. Frox says:

    Whoa that's HAWT,…..!Can't wait for my copies to arrive (:


  5. Frox, limited edition type B is the best by far. The book contains some of the best pictures of Momusu!


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