CdJapan order arrived today.

This is what it looks like when you combine several orders together and they all arrive at once. The box was quite large and upon opening it I could see why as they included a poster with the order. I thought that it might be a Tackey & Tsubasa poster as the last poster that they sent was for their latest album release.

To my surprise it turned out to be a C-ute poster!! Awhile ago I wrote here how CdJapan has never sent me a H!P related poster even though most of the releases I order from them are of H!P. You can imagine my astonishment when I opened it up!

Amuro Namie's new single "Funky Town" came with a "Funky Town" gold disco ball keychain. This was a nice touch!

This order ended up containing 18 releases and I don't know where to start.

There's a lot of releases that I was looking forward to getting in this order. Here's what arrived today: All 3 versions of Momusu's new single "Kanashimi Twilight" (limited edition type A with DVD, limited edition type B with booklet & special packaging, regular edition which comes with a photo card), Amuro Namie's new single "Funky Town" (jacket A with DVD), 2 versions of Tackey & Tsubasa's new single "X-Dame"/ "Crazy Rainbow" (jacket A & jacket B come with very interesting bonus DVDs), Matsu Takako's new album "Cherish You" (limited edition with DVD), "Hello Pro Hour Vol. 9" DVD, H!P "Uta Doki!- Pop Classics Vol. 1" DVD, H!P "Uta Doki!- Pop Classics Vol. 2" DVD, Melon Kinenbi's new concert release "Melon Kinenbi Concert Tour 2006 Fuyu- Fruity Killer Tune" DVD, Aichan's "Love-Hello!" DVD, C-ute's new concert release "C-ute Debut Tandoku Concert 2007 Haru" DVD, C-ute's new mini album "(2) mini~ikiru to iu chikara~" (limited edition with DVD), Gocchin's new PV single DVD "Secret", Gocchin's new single "Secret" (limited edition with DVD), Ito Yuna's new single "I'm Here" and her previous single "Truth" which I missed earlier (it's such an awesome song that I had to get it even though I already own her album which contains this song but it does have a coupling with song that I don't have).

Tackey & Tsubasa's new single releases have really great covers!  Below are: Jacket A (left) has a bonus DVD containing special version PVs for both songs including a Tackey version and a Tsubasa version (4 clips in all including a dance lesson! Heheh) while Jacket B includes a 12 page photo booklet, bonus DVD includes a Tackey & Tsubasa original animation PV for "Crazy Rainbow" as well as another version of the "Crazy Rainbow" PV.

The Aichan DVD is probably going to be the first one to watch out of the DVDs below. 🙂 I'm also very curious to watch those H!P "Uta Doki!- Pop Classics" DVDs. C-ute's concert is going to be great and Melon Kinenbi's is sure to rock!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to CdJapan order arrived today.

  1. wu-san says:

    omg! that's one shoddy looking cardboard box, but it's content is amazing, must be so exciting to have gone through it all. How was Melon Kinebi's dvd?


  2. The box does look like it went through a lot getting here! I think this was one of the largest CdJapan orders that I've received as I just kept combining orders together for convenience. Melon Kinenbi is so vibrant in concert and the entire DVD was great!! They performed pretty much all of my favorite songs…I just wish that Shibata "cute as a bunny" Ayumi were more visible in H!P. There's just something about her that is soooo adorable!


  3. wu-san says:

    Ah I really like Ayumi too, and it really is a shame she isn't included in more things…I always wanted her to Join Morning Musume, just so she could be given the chance to play out the idol card more. Same goes for Ayaka too, although maybe make a unit including Ayaka, Ayumi, Aichan and Aika??? call it AyAiAyAi? or is that silly? lol. I did choose this line up for the names actually heheh.


  4. Tsunku and UFA seem to be neglecting Melon Kinenbi too and it's just sad for them. Perhaps Shibata Ayumi will be chosen for an upcoming new unit…think H!P Eggs!! Imagine Manoeri and Ayumi! 🙂 "Manoyumi"!! Hahah I'm trying to figure out how to pronounce your unit's name! Ayaka is another H!P member that we see too little of. Her English lessons are legendary and she's so great in front of the camera! Haha too many funny moments!


  5. wu-san says:

    they really have neglected Melon Kinenbi, which is a real shame for any of the sister units down the past who just didn't really get enough of the spotlight. I always feel sorry for them. Ayumi leading a line of H!P eggs! sounds like a great Idea. Manoyumi sounds good I think, as for AyAiAyAi, I just wanted to see it on a CD or something. Hmmm and if you added Aya Matsuura, you can add another Ay to that lol.
    Ahhh…I have a real soft spot for Ayaka ever since the start. Her English lessons where what helped me get into H!P too, wierdly enough. She really was so sweet up against the camera yes. Miss her loads. I think they should revive her career, starting with all new suprise English lessons for the current line-up. She could even go onto test Berryz and C-ute!
    you could have JunJun and LinLin doing supirse Mandarin lessons. Now that'd be hard. Whenever I hear my mom or relatives back home use it, the phonetics sound so awkward O_O. But a lovely voice using Mandarin makes me smile 🙂 Some of Viki Zhao's songs come to mind.


  6. Haha that's a lot of "ay's!" 🙂 But if Nochiuranatsumi can be a group name then why not "AyAiAyAi"…hmmm one more "Ay." lol! If you have a chance watch Melon Kinenbi's "Fruity Killer Tune" concert DVD….I know it seems so old but it's really a great show! Watch for the "Bunny." You really should be a consultant or part of management for UFA!! Really a Ayaka English series involving Berryz Koubou & C-ute!!! You are amazing!! This would be soooooooo cute! I'm now trying to imagine Momo speaking Mandarin too! 🙂 Mikey was recently telling me about the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese…how Mandarin is so much more pleasing to the ear and the difficulty in both dialects…just don't test me on them! 😛


  7. wu-san says:

    I'll look out for Melon Kinbi's fruity killer for sure. I'll check out my usual places. The bunny? hmmm, do I take that literally? 😛
    I hope UFA are reading these comments then, as I'd work for them any day of the week! Imagine all the fun you could have with BK and C-ute trying to speak English and seeing Ayaka intereact with others like this again. Although I remember watching a making of BK video – i forget for which song – and they were speaking some english phrases, some from a MM song I think. Maasa was terrible lol. Momo with Mandarin? haha, all sorts could happen there. Cantonese is quite an aggresive dialect, and my dad used to speak it after mandarin. ooh is Mikey Chinese?


  8. Haha the 'bunny'….okay she's not really a bunny just makes me think of one whenever I see her! 😛 They actually have a new single coming out soon!! UFA neglects them so much lately and then their latest pv didn't even have them in it!! 😛 I hope that they've been given a great song…..hmmm…last one was "Onegai miwaku no target"! They perform this song in "Fruity Killer Tune"….I know you'll love it!! Watch for the bunny! 😛 It would be so funny watching the reactions and dynamics created by such language barriers! Send in Ayaka and Jun Jun as the teachers…just make sure that bananas aren't part of the prize when Jun Jun is involved! Ah Momo speaking any foreign dialect would be too adorable!! She's already ultra cute speaking Japanese!!


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