Aiba’s letter.


This clip really sums up the closeness of the members of Arashi. They are truly unlike any other group out there in this regard. This clip is from 24Hr TV from a broadcast earlier this week and I just had a chance to watch it. It really adds so much to the complete Arashi experience and I’m really getting to know all of the members so much. Some of the members weren’t sure why Aiba was doing this and if he was serious at first, but the mood soon changed when he began to read the letter he wrote to them. This is one of the most touching things that I’ve ever seen. Awhile back Aiba had to be hospitalized due to pains in his chest and actually underwent surgery. Being away from the group made him reflect on how important they are to him and this letter is the result of that. When he addresses each member one at a time that was it for me….tears tears tears~♥. I love when he addresses leader Ohno last and the playful jab that he included. Really sweet. =)

Oh and I forgot to mention…they go into “Hero” right after this! Incredible transition!…

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4 Responses to Aiba’s letter.

  1. zdorama says:

    When You watch this, you really get the feeling that they truly are brothers to each other! There is a soft sub file of this floating around on the internet, but it isn't an srt file, and my computer just doesn't support it.


  2. I'm used to seeing these kinds of emotions when a member leaves a group (H!P graduations) or when a group disbands. But to see this kind of closeness and sincerity within Arashi while the group is going strong and perhaps as strong as ever is really unique. When Goro returned to Smap that was a touching moment too but in a different situation.


  3. zdorama says:

    Yup, This was cool because there really was no special event that prompted this except that Aiba wanted to let the others know how important they were to him.


  4. I think that was great how Matsujun showed his emotions so openly. Yeah when I heard one of them shout out "Arashi saikou!!" I really understood what was being conveyed with the emotions after Aiba's letter. It's perfect how you've stated it, as it's not that they're saying that they're the best but rather that there is no better place to be than in this group. I love that! The brotherhood among them. I'd like to get a chance to read those interviews. "Mole Hunter" and "Crybaby" team, that is too funny and thank you for this clip as I would have never understood that otherwise. 🙂


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