HM@-”The one with Endo’s Gym, giant dogs & ICE CREAM!!! HASHIRUZO!”


It's been a really busy week and I finally got a chance to watch this episode. I get these from Saburo on Saturday's and the new episodes are uploaded the next day so I'll always be a week or more behind. Good-bye H!M and hello "HM@." New name and a new beginning. Episodes now run about 22 minutes and this episode seemed like it was over in no time. I'm so used to the 45 minute episodes so this was a bit odd. Lately the trend on H!M has been having a lot of different H!P members in various segments. However with this shorter time, today's episode focused on the members of Momusu only. I'm glad that all members of Momusu were present for the new show's debut. Today's episode felt kind of like an excursion which was lead around by a puppet prince in baby stroller. Now that's a sentence that I thought I'd never write! LOL. I'm not sure if baby king is going to be a regular addition to the new show or if this was a one shot deal. It's kinda weird. Aichan has the "honor" of pushing the puppet around town as Momusu explore the area. They stop at Endo's Gym as the puppet thing wants to see Endo in person. Gakisan and Tanakachi are given the mission of seeking him out. After a few minutes they emerge with Endo! The girls all want to see him flex and pose like on his sign. Kohachan also gets a chance to hang on his bicep while he flexes! What's amazing is this guy's 65 years old?!! The girls then spot on the side of a balcony very large dogs! These are actually really cool and after Kohachan is sent to investigate everyone goes upstairs to get a look at them. What they really are curious about is the back of these dogs. Does it have a behind? It turns out that the back side of the dogs is actually quite funny looking "Warui." The dogs are still quite a sight though…from the front. Along the way to their next destination the girls encounter some parents with their babies. One baby is all smiles until Sayu gets near. The baby starts crying, poor Sayu. Yossi on the other hand has no such problems and the baby adapts to her well. Soon after there's the sound of wacky music coming down the street…could it be? ICE CREAM!!! This reminds me of growing up and you could hear it coming from far away blasting that funky music. The challenge was to beg your parents for money and then get outside before it passed by or else you'll be running down the street yelling ICE CREEEAAAAAM ICE CREEEEEAAAAAM!!!!!! And if you got lucky the driver would stop. LOL. What's great here is seeing them actually run after the van. Yossi picks up the vans trail and when they finally catch up to the van everyone gets themselves a treat. Usually when we see them on H!M episodes where there is food being served somewhere we never see anyone pay as the staff has probably taken care of that sort of thing. Here however we get to see the girls pay for themselves. Heheh, the money is probably still the production companies though. Sayu's ice cream treat is the most interesting of them all. It's a "aisu dog." Ice cream in a hot dog bun! Only in Japan! Hmmm maybe someone here out to try it out and let everyone know how well it goes together. Sayu for one really enjoyed it! Getting back to the wacky ice cream van music. Mikitty wants a copy of the cd! And they actually sell it. There's even a sign with the different prices depending on which one you want. This is really hilarious. After Mikitty gets her cd, at the next stop we finally get to see what that thing in which Kohachan was holding in the beginning of the episode is for. While the credits roll Gocchin's new single "Secret" is playing along with a little shot of the pv. This is the first time I'm hearing this song and it sounds pretty good. I'm getting this new single later this month when my copies of "Kanashimi twilight" arrive. 🙂

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