Jeff Burton wins at Texas Motor Speedway becoming the track’s first repeat winner.

With Nextel Cup drivers returning to their old familiar cars today's race at Texas Motor Speedway was surely a wild one filled with it share of wrecks and drama. TMS has really become one of the best tracks on the circuit with its wide racing surface with multiple grooves for drivers to find their way around this 1.5 mile track. With 24 degrees of banking in the turns this track is also very fast. Turn 4 proved to be calamity corner as many found coming off of this turn to be a slick ordeal. Jeff Gordon was one such victim of turn 4 as he hit the wall late in the race, erasing any chance he might have had of winning the race. Texas remains to be one of three tracks at which Gordon has never won. Gordon dominated early leading over 100 laps and looked to be the class of the field with victory in sight. With about 140 to go the duel from last week's race at Martinsville seemed to continue right where it left off as teammate Jimmie Johnson caught Gordon and kept making attemps at the pass lap after lap. At about 3 quarters through the race Dale Jr. began flexing his muscle and he took the lead from Gordon and with a couple of outstanding pit stops that were both under 12 seconds he kept that lead. TMS would claim its fair share of victims today as with 100 laps to go Johnson drops a cylinder and begins to slide backwards in the pack. Montoya continues to be incredibly impressive in his rookie campaign. He would finish in 8th position and if not for a mistake on pit road as he pitted too close to the wall causing his crew to have trouble changing the left side tires, he probably would've finished higher. With 96 to go Montoya got under Tony Stewart and his car slid up the track nudging Stewart and sending him into a spin that would collect Johnson who had nowhere to go and was blinded by the wall of smoke. Johnson finished a dissapointing 38th and dropped to 4th in the points standing. On lap 85 Kurt Busch passes Dale Jr. for the lead but with questionable pit strategy he would fall back a bit in the field. The #2 was definitely strong today though. On lap 82 Stewart spins again and Dale Jr. checks up only to have Kyle Busch run into him with some really hard contact badly damaging the rear of Jr.'s car. With just over 30 to go Gordon hits the wall coming out of turn 4 causing body damage to his car that essentially takes him out of contention for today's win. Kenseth is sure that he has a tire going down with only 18 to go and while he's sitting in 2nd place reeling in Gordon for the lead. On lap 17 Kenseth passes for the lead and with 6 to go Jeff Burton catches Kenseth. With 2 to go Burton gets beneath the #17 and on the last lap Burton is able to complete the pass in dramatic but clean fashion as Kenseth slides up the track a bit too much giving Burton enough track to get back into the gas coming out of the final turn. Hendrick Motorsports continued it's strong season with impressive runs today although Johnson and Kyle Busch would get into wrecks ruining their days which would have otherwise ended up pretty decent. Even being a cylinder down Johnson could have finished in a decent spot. My favorite driver Jeff Gordon remains the points leader as his hot start to the season continues. It sure would have been great to see him win today though and mark TMS off of the need to win at list. Nevertheless Gordon's been stellar all season so far and with today's 4th place finish the drive for 5 is looking great so far! My 2nd favorite driver, Jeff Gordon's teammate Jimmie Johnson slipped a bit in the points and is now 181 points behind Gordon. This track really produces some great racing and with time hopefully Las Vegas with its new banking and configuration will give drivers more confidence on its surface.

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7 Responses to Jeff Burton wins at Texas Motor Speedway becoming the track’s first repeat winner.

  1. Saburo says:

    PTI had a segment today (Monday) on Dale Junior jumping teams and jumping into other people's CARS and being allowed to race for whomever they used to belong to.Couple things:1) That's a wacky rule, and2) PTI reporting on NASCAR!? You must have loved that!


  2. Now that ESPN is back with broadcasting NASCAR races I'm hoping for a lot more coverage on their other shows. Tony and Mike better start watching some races! LOL. That'll never happen! Some people were blowing this story a bit out of proportion. Saying things like Dale Jr. is going to leave DEI and join Hendrick's Motorsports. Really I think that Dale Jr. was just having fun getting into the #5 car since Kyle Busch wasn't availble when the car was repaired and it was only with 9 laps remaining in the race. I don't think that team loyalty is an issue here as he was just having some fun. Hey you know what though. If Dale Jr. wanted to join Hendrick's Motorsports that'll be awesome! Gordon, Johnson, Kyle Busch and Dale Jr. all on one team. That would be NASCAR's version of the Dream Team! I'm sure that Dale Jr. will work out the contract talks with DEI and he'll remain there. After all what would DEI be without Dale Jr.?


  3. Saburo says:

    It's true the NASCAR stories that PTI covers are of the "People" magazine variety. I don't get any real perspective on the sport on the show unless something controversial happened during a race (e.g. this year's Daytona) or the tiff between Dale Jr and his stepmom, which is 1) sad, and 2) easy to understand and therefore, 3) discuss on TV.
    One thing for sure: if ESPN tells them to discuss NASCAR, they'll do it. I wonder if they could break away from the network and go someplace where they could be truly independent, like what Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert did back in the early 80s. At best, that's what Wilbon and Kornheiser are: the Siskel & Ebert of our generation. At worst, they're grouchy old men with agendas.


  4. Great analogy. They have such great chemistry together. I don't think it would be wise to leave ESPN though as they are part of what ESPN claims to be and really is, the leader in sports broadcasting. Whitlock must somewhere deep down regret being kicked off the network for his remarks as look at him now as we saw this past Saturday, doing sports commentary on CNN on a split screen with two others.


  5. Saburo says:

    One thing for sure: nobody leaves ESPN unless they've got a helluva reason for doing so. Bill Simmons, a hugely popular columnist on's "Page 2" recently resigned with the "worldwide leader" for four (4) more years! There was speculation that he'd leave for SI or some other online entity that would give him more editorial freedom (reportedly some of his online chats were edited/censored without his consent). But I guess that's not the case, or somebody made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
    Something must have triggered in Whitlock to leave the potential riches that ESPN had to offer. TV is where the buck$ is, not being a columnist for a midwestern daily.
    I enjoy "PTI" because the show is informative, entertaining and both guys seem to me genuinely likeable people. It's just that a part of me raises an eyebrow when someone like Kornheiser can discuss NASCAR when, in the past, he used to ramble on about being ignorant of race car driving in general. (I wonder what their take on soccer is, other than the Euro-hooligans?)


  6. Saburo says:

    Hah, Jason Whitlock showed up in "Role Play" yesterday. He really IS gaining stature, physically and professionally! Some of his columns on the NBA have given him increased stature and exposure. Too bad he's gone from PTI — him and Le Batard really made a good "B" team.


  7. Le Batard (I never knew the correct spelling)…all I have to say about that is BAM!


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