Hello! Project Information Village pics continued.

Continuing with my H!P pics from the Hawaii store here are all of the pics in my 2nd binder. One thing interesting to note is that the pics that H!P sold in Hawaii are 4 X 6 while the ones sold in Japan are 3 1/2 X 5.


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6 Responses to Hello! Project Information Village pics continued.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    WOW!! That's quite a collection of photos you have there!I've never really got into the H!P photos, mainly because I've never found anyone that gets a regular supply of them, although I do have a handful of Aibon, Nono, Sayumi, Reina, Eri and Koharu, but quite literally only a couple of each.I imagine if I asked Ohta he would be able to get them, but that would open a whole new window of spending…although on looking through your collection it looks extremely tempting!The most interesting bit being what you mentioned, seeing how they all change over time, must be great to be able to flick through and notice how each member has changed over time.


  2. Tom you make a great point of availability of their photos as the only reason why I have so many are because of the access to them when the H!P Information Village was here in Hawaii. If the UK had a H!P store I know for sure that you'd done the same and been down there on a regular basis checking for new merchandise and photos. Saburo and I used to regulary check out the store after brunches on Saturday and I'd hope that there would be new pics available. I really wish I had a camera back then or even a cell phone with a camera as I would have taken pictures of the store. It was really a flagship store. Besides all of the great merchandise you could buy there were glass cases with autographs and member messages all real hand written along with their outfits from the pvs!!! The one's from "Ai araba it's all right" and "Roman~My Dear Boy~" stick in my mind. The one's from "Ai araba it's all right" really looked hot and uncomfortable. LOL. I would've bought some of them if they were for sale in a heartbeat. The messages with autographs were really cool too. And there were these great tapestrys hanging throughout the store with the H!P members on them. Those were really priceless as well. I'd loved to have gotten just one of them but they were display only. Great memories of that store. That's what these pictures represent for me. I'm glad that the store was here even if it was only for a short time. 🙂


  3. paul.thomas says:

    …H!P Store in the UK…I can only dream!!! Although I'm quite thankful (at times) that there aren't that many shops in London that sell a lot of H!P stuff as I would be seriously out of pocket. Japan Centre no they're going to make a small fortune out of me when ever I step through the door, and then I only buy 2-3 magazines and maybe a CD if they have any H!P ones which I haven't got in stock (which recently isn't often).Seeing the outfits would be great! I'm hoping Chris has taken some photos of the stores in Tokyo and hopefully they'll have some outfits on display, knowing him, he'll be hanging around Harajuku quite often and from what I've read that store is the 'flag ship' store….so fingers crossed they have some good displays


  4. Wow that would ge great! I'd really like to see what these H!P shops in Japan look like. If he goes to the flagship store in Harajuku then there's got to be some great displays in there! Ask him to beg the salespeople there to sell him an Aichan outfit. LOL. 😛 I can't wait to see the pictures that he takes. Please put them up on your Helloblog!


  5. paul.thomas says:

    I will do… I will probably get Chris to write the post and attach the photos, as all I'd be able to say is something along the lines of "I want to go there it looks like the best shop in the world!!!",. Going into shops in Japan is an adventure by itself…and always entertaining when you're buying H!P merchandise (well at least from my experience), but going into such a specialist shop when your Japanese is still in the beginners stages must be entertaining…if not at the time certainly when you look back at it or when telling it to somebody else.


  6. I liked that post you wrote about going into these shops in Japan and taking a stack of H!P merchandise to the counter and all of the looks you got from the workers! I wonder what they were thinking. These sound like great experiences that you had there. 🙂


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