My CdJapan 嵐 order has arrived!

As soon as I got home from work I've been listening to their albums starting with "Arashic" and working my way backwards. I believe I'm missing just one album now and I'm going to pick it up tomorrow at Hakubundo as I saw a copy of it there last weekend. After checking online it appears that this album didn't have a first pressing edition. Zdorama got me thinking about first pressings right after I had placed this order. LOL. I'm glad that I have these regular editions right now though as I wouldn't want to wait much longer to hear their other songs. So if I end up with multiple editions of Arashi releases it'll be okay as it'll be just like my H!P collection. 🙂 I'm planning an mp3 collection right now and I'm picking out songs to include on it. Looks like I'm going to need more of their singles so that I have all of their coupling with songs. Thanks Zdorama for that information! Those online Arashi auctions look pretty fierce and I may hold off for awhile as I have a lot of Arashi to enjoy right now. I now also have my first Tackey & Tsubasa concert dvd along with Takki's solo concert dvd. Plus a lot of H!P stuff to watch! The Tackey & Tsubasa concert song lineup looks really good and it's great that I already know a lot of these songs. Some of these songs must be single only tracks though and I may need to get some of their singles after watching this concert. Takki's solo concert has the songs "Venus", "One Day, One Dream" and one of my absolute favorites, "Kiseki." Plus this concert is shot in widescreen! This order includes: Arashi's "Love So Sweet" single and "Aozora Pedal" single. Arashi's "Arashic", "One", "5X5", "Iza, Now", "How's it Going", and "Here We Go!" albums. Tackey & Tsubasa's "Takitsuba Harukon" concert dvd and Takizawa Hideaki's 2005 concert dvd. Okay back to my mp3 collection.

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9 Responses to My CdJapan 嵐 order has arrived!

  1. zdorama says:

    I don't know if our ramblings about Arashi on morningberryz blog had anything to do with it, but tonight, we went to Shirokiya, and the ENTIRE SELECTION of Arashi stuff was wiped out! After sitting on the Shirokiya shelf for at least half a year, somebody ran and snatched up the other first pressing of ARASHI Ichigou!


  2. That's wild! The Arashi madness grows. Whoever bought them made a very good investment as I'm almost through all of their albums in these past 2 days and each album keeps impressing me with all of their great songs. I keep thinking this one's great and then the next one's great and so on and on. LOL. This is still premature but their album "Iza, Now" is in the lead right now for favorite album. It's still too early to write that one down and I imagine it could change by the time I'm totally sure. I really love the pv for "Kiseki." It's one of my favorites by them. That song just sticks with me. I play it over and over and it never gets overplayed. Each time I hear it I think how great this song is and it's full of strong emotions. I guess that's why I love the pv so much. Takki really gets into the song even if it's only a music video. Darn "Love So Sweet" first press has "Fight Song." I have the regular edition and it now looks essential to get the first press too. That's great that they wrote that song together. Nino wrote the music? 🙂 When their next release is announced I'm ordering it that same day!!! I still can't believe how fast their upcoming single sold out of the first pressing. It's madness!


  3. zdorama says:

    I remember I tried to make a CD of only the ARASHI singles
    B-Sides, and I couldn’t fit them all onto one CD…Yappari, they have a LOT of
    c/w songs only available on the singles! And that’s not
    including the “Arashi Secret Talks” that are jsut Arashi rapping about various
    things. Heck, the Arashi Secret talk on “WISH” is ½ hour long! That’s a real BONUS! Anyway,as far as I can make out, this is more or less the
    singles that have unreleased songs on them: PIKANCHI Michi Arashi Secret Talk TOMADOI NAGARA Fuyu No Nioi Kimi Ga Iinda KoiGokoro Arashi Secret Talk PIKANCHI DOUBLE Gori Muchuu (awesome D No Arashi Theme!) Michi Double Arashi Secret Talk HITOMI NAKA NO GALAXY / HERO(double A side) Hey Hey Loving You SAKURA SAKE Te Tsunagoo WISH Ichioku No HoshiFutari No Kinenbi Arashi Secret Talk 2005 KITTO DAIJYOBU Harukaze Sneaker – MUNa! Na! Na!! – MU AOZORA PEDAL Kiss Kara Hajimeyou Natsu no Owari ni Omou Koto LOVE SO SWEET Itsumademo Fight Song (first press only) I know you'll want to get some of these original singles, but in the interim, I'll get an MP3 to you of these wonderful songs.


  4. That's very valuable information! Now I know which singles are absolutely essential. It's amazing that "Hitomino nakano galaxy" and "Hero" were released together on one single!! That's a double A side for the ages!! Looks like I'll have to go to the auctions to get "Love So Sweet" as the first press has the extra song. I'm relieved though that that is the only first press single with an extra song. I'm guessing that most if not all of these singles had first pressings. Or is "Love So Sweet" the only one? An extra song is essential. The regular editions of the other singles would be okay then as long as there weren't really great stuff included with them. Did you get all of the first pressings of these singles if such an edition exists?


  5. I was just checking the CdJapan site and it looks like with "Pikanchi Double", "Wish" and "Love So Sweet" I need to get the first pressings in order to have the extra songs. I'm not sure about the "hitomino nakano galaxy/Hero" single though as I can't tell if the regular edition has the extra song or not. And "Pikanchi" is out of print.


  6. zinkognito says:

    Yaaaah! I didn't realize some of those OTHER songs were on the limited releases only as well! That's what happens when you rely too much on MP3,ne.


  7. This is going to be quite a challenge getting these singles. Well since we could complete our CoCo and Ribbon cd collections, I'm up for the fight! I may have to wait awhile though as I recently bought some H!P goods on auctions. The auction for their 5X5 first press edition is scary! How much did you see it going for? $285.00?!! And on it's way up! That's almost as much as I paid for my Momusu "Ai no tane" single with autographed postcard and photo. :O


  8. zdorama says:

    I don't know if you've seen them, but some of the limited edition singles have different covers (as most jpop releases do), and I've been passing up chances to pick up "Wish" because I'm still holding out for the first press,becoz I LOVE the cover of the Limited edition!


  9. That cover does look cooler! Plus the limited edition has the bonus track so it's a win win situation. If only I can get one on auctions…a bit later. Momusu and Berryz Koubou are now doing 3 versions of each single release and I'm out of shelf space! Alternate covers really are a great idea even if space is an issue. 🙂


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