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It’s Friday the 13th…

Bikini …so hide your bikini… Catsniper …see what your cat's up to…and now for something truly scary!!! How you like them pumpkins? LOL. Extreme pumpkins Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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My CdJapan 嵐 order has arrived!

嵐 アルバムとシングル タッキー&翼 滝翼春魂と滝沢秀明 2005 concert As soon as I got home from work I've been listening to their albums starting with "Arashic" and working my way backwards. I believe I'm missing just one album now and I'm going to … Continue reading

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H!M 4/1/07-”The one with the top 30 H!M segments/characters & Momusu’s fan club tour in Hawaii.”

This episode marks the end of an era in a sense as the show will be reduced from it's current 45 minutes to 20 minutes in length next episode. This episode starts off with audition footage of Jun Jun and … Continue reading

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