H!M 3/25/07-”The one with the countdown of fan favorite segments & Jun Jun and Rin Rin meet Momusu.”



After the opening segment of World Pucchi Games this episode is all about celebrating 7 years of H!M with a nostalgic look back at the top 50 favorite segments voted on by fans. The top 100 favorite segments that fans voted for are documented on a board but the VTR countdown starts at #50 however we are given a look at #’s 51-100 as they scroll down the screen. Starting at #50: Minimoni World segment/ Gomaki Pengin skit/ bus tour episode featuring a Nono moment/ Magic Restaurant featuring Mr. Color/ the guest I like to call “the guy who makes everything look delicious” 🙂 I was actually hoping that they would show Kamei’s attempt at making aojiru look like it tastes good as this is my personal favorite Kamei moment of all time which was in this same segment (anyone who likes Kamei has to see this!)/ Nacchi trial episode/ date episode with Shingo featuring a scene on the beach acted out by 3 members including Gakisan/ Chicken DJ segment featuring Kohachan and Tanaka/ Pucchimoni’s last studio live & Tanpopo’s last performance with Kaorin, Aibon, Marippe and Rikachan lineup/ NG scenes from skits including a great moment when Kaorin came running out from where she was standing by during the taping of a scene (featuring Gakisan, Kamei and Tanaka in karate outfits) due to a praying mantis. It’s funny seeing her running behind them during the scene as she’s terrified of the insect./ A farewell to the HP News cast which featured Rikachan/ Skit/ Aichan, Sayu and Mikitty’s visit with some school children/ 13 year old Nono has a moment regarding the shuffle groups/ Nacchi and Gakisan on the rollercoaster commercial segment/ Hawaii special featuring Sakuragumi and Otomegumi/ haunted house segment featuring Gakisan and Kamei where Gakisan has some amusing words of advice for Kamei regarding spirits/ Kaorin’s “Dancing Queen.”/ Buura Bura Battle clips. (I like Kohachan acting cat like with the stocking.)/ Word memory game featuring body parts and poses in which Rikachan causes her team to lose and begs for another chance but is denied and later breaks down in tears as the other team eats and some comments are made about her loss. There are 4 very memorable moments like these that have occurred during H!M games: the Rikachan one featured here, Konkon in tears during the game where members needed to pick out the real food dishes from the fake ones from a distance, Makochan in tears after she has a really hard time finding the correct keys that fit the locks in a race with other members, and of course Nono in tears when she unable to enjoy the food prize at the end of a game.

Next up are a couple of new games with Marippe vs. Kohachan & Kaorin vs. Mikitty in the reoccuring buura bura reaction game. It was really nice to see Marippe in a H!M game as it’s been so long since we last did. As previewed in last week’s episode, Rin Rin and Jun Jun have their first meeting with the members of Momusu. After greeting them, Tsunku arrives and has a brief talk with them. Rin Rin’s Japanese is very good however Jun Jun needs a translater to communicate with Tsunku. This really has me wondering how she will be able to interact with the other members. I’m sure she’ll eventually be comfortable with the language but I think it’s going to be difficult and a bit odd for awhile for her. The more I see Rin Rin the more I like her. She’s going to fit in perfectly. They then watch a Momusu rehearsal and try to get a feel for the dance moves. After the March 17th concert we get a look at some backstage footage with some of the members interacting with Rin Rin and Jun Jun. Jun Jun is learning how to count in Japanese and accidentally mixes up 9 and 10. This is probably just me but strangely Mitsii seems like an established member of the group when she’s with Yossi talking to Rin Rin and Jun Jun. There’s a really cute clip of Kohachan talking with Rin Rin and now I’m sure she’ll fit in perfectly. I’m worried about Jun Jun though. Lastly Melon Kinenbi perform their new single “Unforgettable” and I’m with Tom on this song as unlike it’s title I find it actually forgettable and not really that good. Who knows I may need to hear it again. Shibata Ayumi always looks great though! 🙂 Next week’s episode will feature the top 30 H!M segments that fans voted for. It includes the early morning raid of Tanaka’s room! This is an absolutely funny clip as they brought natto (which Tanaka hates the smell of) and wave it in front of her nose as she sleeps and they also stuck some food or something on her face before she woke up. Tanaka wasn’t amused though. They went to Kamei’s room next but I don’t know if they’ll show that on next week’s episode. Kamei’s room was a mess and she had her glasses on. Definitely worthy of a top 30 spot! I can’t wait to see what’s #1. Tanoshimi desu ne.

I’ll add the screen cap captions tomorrow hopefully as I have to go to sleep now. I work at 3 a.m. tomorrow. 🙂
Sorry there’s just not enough hours in the day and I still haven’t done it! =P

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2 Responses to H!M 3/25/07-”The one with the countdown of fan favorite segments & Jun Jun and Rin Rin meet Momusu.”

  1. philipleslie says:

    Hi there. Thanks for linking me to your post. I wish I’d been a closer follower of MoMusu at this time, as it would have been really interesting to guess what was to lie ahead for the group. While I’d been listening to Second Morning for about 3 years at this time, and had attempted to investigate the group online at the library (idol groups not really understood over here, so you end up feeling self-conscious), I’d not become as hooked as I am now, when hardly a day goes by without my listening to a MoMusu track, or watching a concert. I watch the concerts over and over without ever tiring of them. It was such a risk of Tsunku’s to take on Jun Jun, with her language difficulties, but she really fitted in quickly, it seems. Tsunku may even have been attempting to add something to the group’s dynamic by stirring them up a little; something Akimoto does all the time!


    • Watching these episodes in real time was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced with any idol group and particularly when H!M went for a full 45 minutes or so making it an all inclusive look into H!P with special features, corners, games, skits and more. And whenever an audition would pop up you could really experience it all with weekly updates which included so much behind the scenes footage and early on they’d even feature lots of footage from the aspiring entrants which always got fans riled up as to whom Tsunku should choose!! For instance when Kohachan was selected as Tsunku’s “miracle girl” he actually visited both her school for the official announcement that she had won and then he visited her home as well to meet her parents and he had an impromptu vocal lesson with “Furusato” being his vehicle of learning choice for Kohachan ….her vocals initially didn’t strike many as being very good but she really developed from then so much. Un as you’ve said before, Momusu concerts really remain as the staple for idol concerts as they are all truly live vocal performances which hide nothing and they’re energy and choreography were always second to none. It indeed was a huge risk Tsunku had taken as he was expanding the idol fan base and pioneering an international idol movement by inviting China openly back then which was so eye and mind opening for everyone.


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