H!M 3/18/07-”The one with extreme ironing, paper sumo, Kyamei’s crumbling crepe and sayonara HPC.”

Rikachan hosts WPGWorld Pucchi GamesWorld Pucchi  GamesAichan makes an errorAichan gomen ne...Mikitty to Kyamei-HPC SpecialMikitty to Kyamei ride in styleDominoes in a moving vehicle!Tennis lessonKyamei ureshii!Mikitty gives  the thumbs upExtreme ironingExtreme  ironingMore extreme ironingMore extreme  ironingKyamei learns extreme ironingKyamei learns extreme  ironingKyamei learns  extreme ironingIroning on a slideMikitty's decision...Mikitty to Kyamei at a crepe shopMikitty tries her hand at making a crepeMikitty success!Mikitty tabechatta...Kyamei's turn to make a crepeMikittyKyamei's crumbling crepeKyamei's crumbling  crepeKyamei's crepe disasterKyamei's crepe  disasterKyamei's   crepe disasterKyamei!Kyamei!!Kyamei!!!Kyamei!!!!Kyamei!!!!!Paper Sumo!Paper  SumoAmazing detail!Making wrestlersSumo challenge is on!Sumo battle!Mikitty triumphs!Kyamei loses...A second battleMikitty is dominate!Kyamei gives her partner the look...Sumo battleMikitty's undefeated!Back in the HPC studioKyameiMikitty to Kyamei bid farewell to HPCGAM performs Lu Lu LuGAM performs  Lu Lu LuTsunku's announcementTsunku's  anouncementTsunku makes announcement to MomusuKameiYossi's reactionRin Rin to Jun Jun

Today's episode was all about HPChannel's Kyamei and Mikitty as we bid farewell to my favorite H!M segment. While this segment has gone through many changes through the years this latest cast rivaled that which had Kyamei as news reporter. The duo ride off in style in a Hummer limousine as several activities await them. First up they join a large group well in tune with tennis exercises. Mikitty seems to be more natural at the exercises, although she loses the ball twice while Kyamei is pretty hilarious as she attempts to follow along. One thing that's really funny about this whole segment is that they're both wearing their HPChannel outfits and receive a few comments from the group. Well I thought I've heard of everything but never the next activity, extreme ironing?! We even meet an expert at this I dare to call it a…sport. This guy does some pretty wild things while ironing and he passes on some of his knowlede and techniques to Kyamei and Mikitty. The duo give it a go on a see saw and slide with funny results. The highlight of the show was just around the corner as a visit to a crepe shop is next up. This segment alone is reason enough to watch this episode. Mikitty was pretty good at making crepes with help from the owner but Kyamei produces some hilarious results in crepe making. Things didn't look good from the start and as she peeled it off of the grill disaster was evident. After adding some fillings it began to come apart and crack as she was trying to fold the crepe. Mikitty is losing it the whole time as she watches from outside until finally Kyamei exits the shop with one sad looking crepe. Kyamei will keep you laughing as she starts eating the crepe and gets part of it stuck on her face. Next the duo visit a home with an articulately made miniature sumo ring. Wait not a ring but actually the entire venue is here including the stands filled with an audience and roof! After Mikitty and Kyamei make their own sumo wrestlers they're ready to go head to head or should I say finger to finger. Mikitty reigns supreme going undefeated as she crushes Kyamei over and over. I love the look that Kyamei gives her partner sitting next to her after her second defeat. It's too adorable you have to see it yourself! Next we're back at the HPChannel studio and Kyamei and Mikitty bid farewell to the HPChannel segment. This version of the segment was short lived but made up for that with some of the most entertaining moments in this segment's long history. Reporter Kyamei will always be my favorite version but this cast came close to that. "HPChannel oshimai." 😦 GAM performs their latest single "Lu Lu Lu." This is the first time I'm hearing this song and I think it's really good and Mikitty and Ayaya look great! Lastly Tsunku makes a few announcements as he informs soon to be new Momusu members, Jun Jun and Rin Rin that they'll become part of the group. It was great to see their reactions as both of them were unaware of the news being given to them. I see real potential in Rin Rin but I'm unsure about Jun Jun. Of course this is still early on and I'll just have to wait and see. But really I think that Rin Rin will fit in okay. Next the members of Momusu watch Tsunku's announcement on a monitor in front of them and we see a bit of a reaction from some of them however the best was Yossi's, after the other members leave and Tsunku has a one on one with her. "EEEhhhh!" I couldn't have said it better myself. Next week looks to have a lot of H!M nostalgia (probably since the show's being cut to 30 minutes or less) as well as Jun Jun and Rin Rin's first meeting with the other members of Momusu. Tanoshimi desu!:)

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4 Responses to H!M 3/18/07-”The one with extreme ironing, paper sumo, Kyamei’s crumbling crepe and sayonara HPC.”

  1. Rad♂ says:

    Thank you for this detailed report. The best part of the many H!P activities involved these TV appearances, and we can't get anything here in the States, not even Internet videos. TV Tokyo yanks off YouTuge posts as quick as they appear. Thanks for filling us in.


  2. paul.thomas says:

    This is a great episode, as soon as I started watching, I thought to myself as I realised it was going to be (nearly) all HPChannel that you was going to love this episode.Rin Rin looks like she can speak good Japanese, which is always handy, lol, but yep Jun Jun just sort of sat there not saying much…either she's very quiet or she doesn't know much Japanese, either way it looks like it'll be more difficult for her to integrate into the group than Rin Rin


  3. Hello Radicalpatriot! It's sad that they remove these H!M videos. Maybe I could understand if H!P was selling them, but they're not so I don't see the harm in having them available to fans. Kamei + Mikitty = happiness or actually Kamei + anyone = happiness. 🙂


  4. Paul I was just thinking that Kamei could have her own t.v. show and it would be great! I know I'm dreaming but I really think that she has the personality to do something like that. This H!M episode was great, as there was so much Kamei in it. Yes the more I see Rin Rin the more I understand what Tsunku sees in her. With a little bit of H!P molding she'll be perfect!


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