Kyle Busch wins first COT race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Here's what it looks like when 160,000 close friends get together for a race at Bristol Motor Speedway! To put this into perspective the capacity at this facility is over twice that of the average Super Bow! With 36 degrees of banking and a field of 43 cars this half mile bull ring provides typically some of the best racing anywhere. If you love the beating and banging then this is the place to be! This however wasn't your ordinary race on the world's fastest half mile as it marked the debut of the long anticipated COT (car of tomorrow). The first major change in NASCAR in over 20 years. Tony Stewart dominated the race leading the most laps and was clearly the class of the field but the #20 suffered a fuel pump failure putting him laps down as repairs were made. Reviews were mixed among drivers and teams but one thing was consistent. These new cars don't handle as well as the previous ones. This season will see the COT in a limited schedule while next year will expand that schedule until finally by 2009 NASCAR plans to have the COT a permanent fixture in the top Cup Series. Jeff Gordon started on the pole but struggled early but as his team has done all season, through perseverence and hard work they worked on the car at every pit stop getting it just right for the finish. A late caution had Gordon right behind leader and teammate Kyle Busch but as Gordon spun the tires a bit at the restart and dove down low to get beneath Busch, Jeff burton made a great move going up high and passed Gordon securing him a 2nd place finish. Busch held off Burton albeit it thanks to the awesome class act that Burton is as he could have easily moved Busch out of the lead as he got beneath him in the final turn. You have to respect a driver like this. Jeff Burton is such a class guy and he really showed that today. If you're going to beat a guy, beat him clean. Gordon held onto a great 3rd place finish putting him at the top of the standings leading the points going into next week's race at NASCAR's shortest track Martinsville where he's normally dominate. Teammate Jimmie Johnson looked good early but late struggles had him back in the pack and at several occasions in danger of losing a lap, one which he did but was the lucky recipient of the "lucky dog" free pass around the track after being the first car a lap down following a timely caution. Johnson finished in 16th position and now stands 3rd in the points 75 points behind leader Gordon. Kyle Busch despite winning the race was brutal when it came to the COT. Saying basically that it was terrible to drive and that everyone had to deal with it as NASCAR was making this change to the cars. When a driver actually wins the race and then has that kind of brutal honesty it has to make one wonder about the COT. The NBA recently tried to change the ball that they used to much discontent from numerous players and eventually went back to the old ball. But with all of the money that has been put into the COT it's hard to imagine a similiar thing happening in this case. We'll just have to wait and see.

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3 Responses to Kyle Busch wins first COT race at Bristol Motor Speedway.

  1. Karyn says:

    Hey! I just climbed out of bed…I was watching this race on tape and only got half way. Now I know the end…
    That's alright though…if I won a million dollars tomorrow I would choose Bristol as the speedway to go to. I think it would be awesome.


  2. If you can get a ticket to racing's hottest race then definitely go!! Don't forget the earplugs! 🙂


  3. Karyn says:

    Money is the issue…


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