Alo-Hello! Reinachan in Hawaii!!


I finally got around to watching Reinachan's Alo-Hello! dvd today. I always like watching these as seeing them go to places that I'm familiar with here on the island of Oahu is always fun. I rarely go to the North Shore but am familiar with some of the shops up there. Reinachan starts off at a surf shop on the North Shore and this segment was really the most unique in the series up till now. After the owner Johnny gives her some tips on how to keep the shop looking great Reina shops for some surf inspired merchandise and then the uniqueness of this segment begins as Reinachan gets a chance to work behind the counter alongside the owner. At one point some Japanese tourist enter the shop and Reinachan's reaction is pretty funny. Not really sure what she was thinking about but I wonder what a Japanese tourist would think if they went to Hawaii and entered a shop seeing Momusu's Reinachan behind the counter working. It would be a really funny and interesting moment. But unfortunately they cut and don't show if the encounter occured or not. It was really amusing seeing her trying to run the register and her english pronounciation was really good. Next is lunch time. Johnny makes a surprise visit in the eatery delivering a happy birthday cake for Reinachan! This was really a sweet moment and they even sang for her. Next up is a stop at the beach for some mizugi shots. While on the North Shore everyone should stop at Matsumoto's Grocery for some shave ice. It's really funny seeing all of the locals and mainland tourist stare at her as she exits the store with her shave ice speaking to the camera. I bet they're wondering a lot of things like who's that? Next we get a nice slideshow of shots of her visit up till now. Sharks fascinate and scare us and Reinachan gets a chance to swim with them via the North Shore Shark Adventures. She gets to steer the boat on its way out and then aprehensively lowers herself into the cage in the water for some up close shark viewing. Pretty cool and scary stuff. Can't say I'll be going on that adventure anytime soon. Now for something much more fun. Jet Skiing! Now this is something that I'd like to do. Next it's back to the beach for more mizugi footage and one thing is for sure, Reinachan is afraid of the ocean! Really a good thing though as our ocean currents are really dangerous if you're unfamiliar with them. Best to be safe as she stays on the shore. After nap time there's a talk segment where Reinachan shares her thoughts on Hawaii and some of her activities on this trip as well as a message to fans. Next is a cool slideshow along with video outtakes. After the credits we're not done yet as we get to see some making of shashinshuu footage. A nice bonus. She goes to a longstanding island plate lunch place called Rainbow's Drive Inn. It was really amusing seeing her there as I went there often while living on the east side of the island. Some private pool footage and indoor footage from the shashinshuu follow with much more. I just want to know where she got that cute Motley Crue top. 🙂 You can even turn on the optional audio commentary featuring Gakisan and Kamei! I definitely recommend this dvd to any fan of hers. You're going to love it!

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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17 Responses to Alo-Hello! Reinachan in Hawaii!!

  1. kalinkross says:

    I should grab that. Hooray for reina. I remember watching other dvds with momusu in Hawaii. Makes me feel like I should've skipped class to look for them.


  2. Hello KalinKross! Whenever there's a fan club event here Saburo and I think the same thing. If only there was a way to know where and when they'll be at a specific location. Nacchi was here recently and i'd love to have seen her in person! My favorite Alo-Hello! dvd is Aichan's! Ayaya's first Alo-Hello! and the Sakuragumi/Otomegumi Alo-Hello! dvds are amongst my favorites too in this series. Kamei's Love-Hello! although not shot here in Hawaii I'm thinking is going to be great, may even give Aichan a run for her money. 🙂 You live in Hawaii too. Cool!


  3. kalinkross says:

    Hey MorningBerryz! I live right in the middle of town actually. Thankfully it'll be spring break when the fan club event with Momusu is here so I don't have to skip class. Keep your eyes open and so will I!
    i actually had a chance to see Nono and Yaguchi when they were here last summer. They were the Ward Entertainment Complex where the theatres are but I was stuck at work when my friend made the call.
    We'll catch them sooner or later. I totally wish they would re-open the hello project store whenever they had events.


  4. To have the H!P Information Village back would be great! Saburo and I would go there regularly and I have every set of Momusu pics that they sold during the time that they were in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center starting back in July of 2002 until they closed. When Gocchin was here for her fan club event they opened a temporary store at that Waikiki Shopping Plaza building. It was open to the public on the last day and I had a chance to go down and get some new pics and other merchandise. This trend seemed like it would continue with each fan club event held here but that hasn't been the case and most recently the Nacchi fan club event was here but they didn't open the temporary store. I still hope they will open the temp store in the future. Fingers crossed. 🙂


  5. paul.thomas says:

    Do you know why they haven't opened the store? It seems odd to me to hold a fan club event and not open a store, surely if it's a fan club event there will be people willing to buy the goods?!


  6. The sad thing was that when they did open the temp store it was only open to the public on the last day and by then a lot of stuff was sold out. It was funny because they still had them hanging on the wall with a sold out sign over them. Kinda of like saying…"if only you'd been here sooner." LOL. Whomever the fan club event was for was always sold out. The fan club members who flew over for the event always had first crack at the merchandise and that makes perfect sense. I'd just buy some of the leftovers. 🙂 I have a feeling that they still sell merchandise when a fan club event is held here, but it's only available to the fan club members. I'm guessing that the open to the public day has been scratched. Too bad if that's true. Just my guess. There was this girl that Saburo and I would see at the temp store and she would buy thousands of dollars worth of pictures. I'm serious, she would whip out this huge wad of cash everytime. And here I was following that with my little purchase. Pretty funny. I'm thinking that she was selling them on Yahoo Japan Auctions or eBay. She was always on the phone talking to someone, perhaps sending them to Japan where they can mark up a good profit since these pics were Hawaii only editions probably not available in Japan. I think that she alone made it profitable for them to open the store to the public for one day.


  7. kalinkross says:

    Wow, thats insane. Sounds like something my friend would do, she's a crazy h!p fan. Just not go and sell them off but keep them. In fact, that doesn't sound like a bad idea. I could do that too… *money dancing in head*


  8. rinx2chan says:

    hey.. i randomly found your blog while googling stuff lol.. too bad i didn't find you sooner or i would have told you. i actually work at the store when it opens for events (this was my first time this past weekend though). Morning Musume came for a fan club event and the store was open on the 24 and 25. and on the last day around 8:30 pm we opened the store to local people, but only one person really came. i asked about the policy of opening for local people and they said that they usually do open for the public on the last day, but a lot of people don't know about it. i dunno when the next H!P event will happen, but i heard there might be one this summer. if you want, i can try and let you know the dates ^^ here are some pics from the store this year: click


  9. Hello rinx2chan! I was just looking at your pics and it's sad that I didn't know about the temp store this past event. If it's not too much trouble, yes please let me know the next time they open it up to the public. That would be great! How did you get to work there? Are you a H!P fan? How did you come across this old Reina post? I'm just full of questions. 🙂 The pictures look really great, I wish I had gotten some.


  10. rinx2chan says:

    yeah! i'll let you know!.. like i said, they usually open to the public around 8:30, after all the people on the tour get all the stuff they want. so i'll let you know. hmmmm long story about getting to work there, friend of a friend kinda story. yeah i'm an H!P fan, among other things. honestly, as much as i like H!P, i'd rather have a JE store hahaha but for now, H!P is good. ^^ a local person came to the store at 8:30 on sunday and i asked how they found out about the morning musume tour this year and he said online. So i just randomly searched "alo hello!project store" and your post was one of the first results XDDD. well some of the pictures might be sold again during next tour because i know this tour we were still selling picture sets from the Abe Natsumi tour from December.


  11. rinx2chan thank you! I really appreciate that. I've got 4 binders full of H!P pictures but I still want more! LOL 🙂 Most of them are from the store that they had at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, the Hello Project Information Village. It still seems amazing that there was such a store here in Hawaii and I wish it were still there. A JE store. That would be really great too! My favorites are Smap, Tackey & Tsubasa and V6. I just finished watching "nobuta wo produce" and the two JE members in this show were really good! "Seishun Amigo" is a great song too! 🙂


  12. rinx2chan says:

    we TOTALLY need a JE store.. my friends and i are negotiating with higher beings >_> or want to.. hahahaha cuz we could totally guarantee a high market xDhahahaha i LOVE JE XD i've got just a tiny little photo album with the pictures my friends brought back from japan for me. favorites are Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, V6… er… i like all of them HAHAAHA.. but i dunno.. i'm not huge into SMAP.. but i like some of their stuff xD. looooved Nobuta. you should totally go watch other dramas. like My Boss My Hero, and Hana Yori Dango 1&2, and gachibaka!, and tons more xDDDDdid you listen to T&T's new single/two new pvs? x~dame~ and crazy rainbow??? love it XD


  13. rinx2chan thanks for the drama suggestions! I haven't heard Tackey & Tsubasa's new single yet but I did order 2 versions of it, jacket A & jacket B which will arrive late next month with Momusu's new single "kanashimi twilight." Isn't it brilliant how they release multiple versions of their singles so that I have a hard time choosing one and end up buying two of them. 🙂 When it comes to Momusu singles I buy every version available.


  14. rinx2chan says:

    omgosh! you're crazy XDDD i don't have enough money to do that, and sadly i end up not buying singles a lot of the time. so i just wait for them to come out online and listen to them. aaaaand i give money to the artists when i can.. either in other products or whatever. yeah.. i hate when they do the multiple covers becuase it always makes you think about that. XDDD you should go watch T&T's pvs though hahaha they're funny! and i can't wait for the new momusu single.. it looks really good. i'm sad that it's yossi's last single though =\ she's so cool i'm gonna miss her


  15. I have Tackey & Tsubasa's "takitsuba clips" dvd. It arrived just when I left for Las Vegas for the NASCAR race. The pvs are all great! It's amazing how JE got this pairing perfect!


  16. wu-san says:

    ah…Getting Reina alone is really rewarding infront of the camera, as she's just naturally suited for these kind of alone spots. So relaxed, but she always finds things to talk about, and when she gets shocked its fun to see her express it so openly.
    It must be great – as you've said – spying up where MM go when in Hawaii, as they may be familiar to you. The audio commentary with Kamei and Gaki-san sounds great! although I wonder what they'd be talking about?
    I dont think Reina liked those potato chips and dip near the end of the dvd 😛


  17. I loved watching her in the store playing cashier at the beginning! She had just noticed some Japanese tourists enter the store and I was hoping that they would show what happened….if they recognized her or not. But they edited the footage out for some reason. She really is so natural in front of the camera and very comfortable! There's always places they visit that I recognize when they come here for one of these releases and it's really fun seeing them there! Hahah you noticed that too about those chips! Uh…the producers bought them so you must eat them on camera! 😛


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