H!M 2/11/07-”The one with Aika’s H!M debut & Kamei goes fetch.”

Wakako gives Kamei a piece of her mindKamei gets jolted by WakakoKamei on World Pucchi GamesSayumin on World Pucchi GamesTomita's monomane of Kinpachi senseiMitsii makes her entranceKoharu's reaction to Aika's entranceMitsiiKoharuchan's cute reactionHM Academy in sessionTomita's monomane of TamorisanYossi's monomaneTanaka's monomane of YonsamaAichan's look of discontentTanaka enjoys some beef stewKamei enjoys some beef stewFlashback: Yuko watches MikittyFlashback of Mikitty freaking outYuichankamei has a clumsy momentGakisanKoharu acts like a catKyamei kawaii poseMikitty kawaii poseMikitty throws the frisbeeKyamei goes fetchKyamei gives Mikitty some pointersPinky KoharuMitsii takes over the camera viewReinachan to MitsiiMomusu perform "Egao YES Nude"Momusu perform "Egao YES Nude"

Today's episode of H!M starts off with World Pucchi Games with guest Wakakochan. Kamei gets an earful from today's guest after she reveals that she was nudging her to stand up during the game. The main portion of today's episode saw the return of HM Academy, always a treat. Special guest Tomita Koujii who's a master of monomane brought a lot of laughs to the show. His monomane of Kinpachi Sensei and Tamori were absolutely great! Tamori in particular, he's got that nailed down perfectly. The first half of the segment starts off with HM Monomane with each member doing an impression of a celebrity, other member and even an animated character. Before they started flashbacks of previous monomane performances were shown dating back to 2001. These were really nostalgic as I remembered each of these. Kaorin's monomane of Kudo Shizuka was hilarious. The prize for today's monomane winners was a delicious looking beef stew and there were mixed emotions among members as to which performances were chosen as the winners. Especially Reinachan's monomane of Korean drama star Yonsama. The look that Aichan has after she is declared a winner is priceless. 🙂 The second half of the segment is one of great reactions as the "Buura Bura" game returns. They have been playing this game for such a long time and it's always fun to watch. Again we get some flashback clips from previous games as we see that Mikitty is recognized as having one of the best reactions ever. Especially when you consider her normal toughness, to see her freak out is quite funny. Great little clip of Yuko there. This was a first as Yui actually took a bite out of the mystery item she was trying to identify while blindfolded without the use of her hands. Kamei has a clumsy moment as she tries to get back onto the chair while avoiding the dangling object. But best of all is perhaps Koharuchan's reaction as she rubs her head up against the stocking like a cat. This episode was really great and before I knew it time had flown by and the HP Channel segment was already on. Kyamei makes a cute entrance that she's only capable of and Mikitty continues her out of character fluffyness. 🙂 Now the real wackiness begins. Dressed like her character from "Ribbon no kishi" Mikitty has Kyamei fetching a frisbee while wearing a little dog nose. Using dog language Kyamei explains that the trajectory needs to be higher so that she can catch it. Mikitty tries but it doesn't work out. This is just out of this world funny seeing Kyamei fetch the frisbee over and over. Pinky Koharu has Reinachan and Mitsii play a game involving a stepping meter for PR time. Mitsii temporarily takes over the camera view as we see our first comic moment from her. Reinachan wins but has to fight her off as she promotes her "Alo-Hello" releases. Lastly we get a studio performance of Momusu's new single "Egao YES Nude." Love the purple outfits!

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