Matsu Takako

My Matsu Takako album collectionMy Matsu Takako single collectionMy Matsu Takako concert & pv collectionMatsu Takako movie & shashinshuu

Here's another one of my favorite singers. Matsu Takako debuted in the music world back in early '97.She has released 10 albums and 20 singles in these past 10 years. She is also active in t.v. dramas and movies as well as stage work. She's also a talented pianist and has begun to write some of her own music as well as lyrics. This multi talented actress/singer/songwriter got her big breakthrough into the entertainment industry with her role in the highly rated t.v. drama "Long Vacation." The cast was stellar including Kimura Takuya, Yamaguchi Tomoko, Takenouchi Yutaka, Inamori Izumi and Ryo. She has since been one of my favorite actresses in Japan and "Long Vacation" remains as my all time favorite Japanese t.v. drama. The characters and storyline are pure perfection along with that great Kubota Toshinobu theme song "La La La Love Song." Above is my Matsu Takako collection including 9 albums (I'm missing 1 album, her greatest hits cd which I decided to not get as it doesn't have any new tracks on it) , all 20 of her singles, her 2 concert dvds, pv dvd and vhs collections , "shigatsu monogatari" vhs (movie) and accompanying movie shashinshuu. That vhs movie was 15,800 yen! I like Matsu Takako soo much that I had to get it despite it's out of this world price.:) Check out a few of her pvs and an appearance on the Smap Bistro show.

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