Harvick wins the Daytona 500.

Although it wasn't a good day for Hendrick Motorsports this Daytona 500 has to be one of the best that I've seen. My 2 favorite drivers had mixed results. Jimmie Johnson the reigning Nextel Cup Champion got into a wreck when his car got loose causing a multi car crash causing him to finish 39th while Jeff Gordon who's car was pretty bad all day somehow managed a 10th place finish getting through a huge pileup on the last lap coming out of turn 3. This Daytona 500 was actually 505 miles long as the race required 2 extra laps to complete due to a major wreck late in the race that took out many of the contenders. A red flag period was needed as all cars were stopped while a extensive track clean up was done following the wreck. Sentimental favorite Mark Martin who's driving a limited schedule this year after semi retiring last year ending his long tenure with Roush Racing sat in 1st place during the track clean up. The final 2 laps were nothing short of spectacular as Martin attempted to hold off a charging Kyle Bush in the #5 car by holding the bottom line on the track while on the high side coming out of turn 3 on the final lap Kevin Harvick in the #29 RCR Chevy got a good push from the #17 driven by Matt Kenseth getting him right beside Martin as they raced through the front tri oval towards the start/finish line. While this was happening a huge multi car wreck was developing behind them as Kyle Bush got loose after trying to block Harvick which then caused him to spin out starting the wreck. Final lap, final turn…the sight was nothing short of amazing. The #07 driven by Clint Boyer got hit, flipping his car onto it's roof and as it spun upside down it was hit again and it actually slid across the start/finish line upside down and on fire. It came to rest in the infield on the front stretch and flipped back over rightside. Boyer made a quick exit of his burning vehicle and no driver was injured in the wreck which is great news. Just how close did Martin come to winning his first Daytona 500? The margin of victory for Harvick at the start/finish line was 2/100 of a second!! Congratulations to Kevin Harvick on winning his 1st Daytona 500 while also winning the Busch series race on Saturday making a sweep of the 2 events! The biggest prize in NASCAR's season is now his. Something that you cherish forever and are remembered for forever. Nextel Cup's first points race of 2007 is in the books and it's off to a great start. Next Sunday the series will be in Fontana California. While Jeff salvaged a decent 10th place finish, Jimmie needs to dig out of an early hole heading to his home track.  

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