Old wallpaper.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine that the group used to be this large.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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14 Responses to Old wallpaper.

  1. wu-san says:

    ah, I was never bored seeing this line-up. On H!M for example, just so many personalities in the studio, so much going on. Exciting times. Not that it's boring now, but 15 nin brought a lot to the table…I mean, the twins are still causing trouble there XD. Ah you could make a good case for them all.
    Not saying they were the best line-up ever, as I'd probably get shot for saying a thing heheh…but it was a fun time when 15 nin was about.


  2. Ah but I think you are right about this line up being one of the best! There's were so many great dynamics in the group with all of the very different personalities and a lot of them strong ones such as Mikitty, Marippe, Aibon, and Nono! I wouldn't mind if the group were to become this large again one day! 🙂


  3. wu-san says:

    I dont think a 15nin will happen anytime soon though. But yeh, it would be great to see. The bottom line of the wallie is very strong! lol. well it is in current MM for sure, although no Mikitty sadly.
    I have a similiar wallie, although at the moment it's just with lots of Takitty and Reina.
    I suppose with that wallie format, you could come up with your favourite line-up, draft them in for your desktop background.


  4. Ah but Tsunku works in strange and mysterious ways!! You never know when he may wake up one morning and decide to add a few members because….ummm…for no particular reason. 😛 I feel the force is strong with Kamei in this wallpaper…'wallie'…that's a great term! Aichan has been on my desktop for quite some time now and not all photos that I find seem to fit the screen properly so when I find one that I like I tend to keep it for a long time. Risakochan may take over soon though if I ever find a nice one that fits right.


  5. wu-san says:

    I've called them wallies for awhile now, but I cant rememeber where I picked it up from, as I'm sure I didn't just come up with it. To be honest I thought Aichan might have moved off your desktop by now, as your interest in other H!P members recently is dividing your loyalties a little more. looks like you're just waiting for the right Risako.
    One day I hope to see another 15nin for sure. But I can still look back on this one, through PVs, television spots etc and enjoy the past. going up and going down in a line, you can see some very interesting combinations for units in your wallie,


  6. It may be inevitable that either Arashi or Risakochan take over my desktop soon! I know how strange that sounds but really when you love artists so much there's an internal fight going on all the time…even when it comes to wallpaper! 😛 The picture of Aichan is really cute though and it's just hard to change as funny as that sounds! 😛 The "getting sleepy theme is cute too but you what's funny…this wallie doesn't even fit my screen properly. 😛 Of course I imagine there's a way to alter its size but I have no idea how to change it. Which member do you think has the most realistic "getting sleepy" pose? Ah don't scroll down if you don't want to see my pick yet!Konkon! Somehow her pose seem so natural…she's making me sleepy! 😛


  7. wu-san says:

    j-music artists fighting for your desktop background is a nice spin on it actually lol. Although I'm always aware that my desktop equates to whoever I'm most interested in at the time, as a battle? thats something 😛
    I want to see this Takitty wallpaper, as you know, I am a fan now 🙂
    arh I didn't notice the theme before! from ai araba it's alright? ah Kon Kon wins for me too ^^, shes ready to sleep. Overall I'd go for Mikitty, although not in this pic, if you remember her futarigoto and she seemed like such as stay at home idol,it was really homely and down to earth.


  8. Hahah my phone is going through the same thing now…today it became Nacchi as I found the perfect photo! 🙂 I'll try sending my Aichan wallpaper to you. It's been the same for so long but I may change it soon if I can find the right photo. Konkon does really look the most realistic doesn't she?! Mikitty looks to be hamming it up for the camera here! That's a perfect description of Mikitty's demeanor on Futarigoto. She really did come across that way and it was endearing to see her true self emerge like that. I love her best shot pv where she's walking her dog in the park and then they stop for a bit to eat! It kind of has that same type of feeling to it.


  9. wu-san says:

    So nacchi is currently decorating your phone :P, I cant say that's a bad thing. When and if you can, I'm still curious to see the wallpaper. But no rush.
    Ah, I've seen that best shot PV, and Mikitty's dog is the cutest…so relaxing, and maybe it was her day off? or semi-day off, as it was all filmed lol. I remember watching Rika's Morning Coffee version – which I thought she sang well enough to her voice. hmmm, I think there was one more I have, but can't be sure.


  10. I could post the Aichan wallpaper here….actually it's not really wallpaper but just a photo that I thought was really adorable. Ah Rikachan's one is really cute too and it really does suit her voice. "Morning Coffee" is one of her favorite H!P songs so it was perfect for her to sing it! One of my favorites is Kamei and Makochan at the zoo!! "Dounikashite doyoubi." Oh and how about Aibon singing "Dadidudedodadi"? I've always loved this song so much and I love her version just as much as the original.


  11. wu-san says:

    ah if you want to post the picture I wont stop you :P. with the large high quality scans/pictures, I've used them as my wallpaper once or twice too. Sometimes the results can be perfect almost. I have not seen the Kamei and Makochan at the zoo one. I'll make sure to look it up. Same goes for the Aibon one too! heheh, sometimes I feel like I have seen nothing up against the likes of you 😛


  12. Ah you must see the Best Shot version of "Dounikashite doyoubi"!! Kamei & Makochan are so cute in it!! Wait till you see Kamei imitate the little cub! And she scares easily too! Aibon's pv is cute too…simple, but the glass tunnel aquarium really sets up a nice location! I would have loved to have seen her perform this song solo in concert too. Ah I'm guilty of H!P overload!! 😛


  13. wu-san says:

    Ah I really need to see them I know. Fly to England with your best shot DVDs right now! heheh. I will find them on the net I'm sure. The kamei and Makochan one sounds great 🙂 now I think about it, I dont remember seeing many kamei and Makochan moments at all. Maybe I'm just forgetting them right now. I think it's like that with some members though, that they dont interact with some members as much. It's strange, I've seen so much Nono things in the past, but Aibon solo clips and segements, not so much.


  14. I need a new pc…Sorry "Dino!" Haha I'd need to fly over there and then I could actually use one of my scarfs! 🙂 You're right….some pairings just don't present themselves as prominently as others do. Now that you mention it Kamei & Makochan do seem like an unlikely pairing. Let me know if you can't find the Best Shot pv for "Dounikashite doyoubi."


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