Momusu’s new single “Egao YES nude.”

Here are all 3 editions of the new single. What a groovin' song Tsunku has penned. The vocal arrangements are perfect and the bass and beat makes you want to hit the dance floor. It's a whole new sound for them going in a more mature direction. It sounds great the first time I listen to it. The coupling with song "sayonarano kawarini" written by Banana Ice is quite a contrast from the title track. A light flowing sweet tune with that distinct J-Pop flavor. More of a cute song. When comparing the two I have to say that right now I like the title track "Egao YES nude" far more. But I do like the coupling with song too.

I don't know which is more impressive, the 44 minute dvd that comes with the type A limited edition or the 32 page booklet which comes with the type B limited edition. I've yet to watch the dvd but the booklet is really great! In addition to the nice photography there's a couple of data pages on each member including PR comments and a message to fans. What's cool is that these are copies of their handwriting and each member's personalities come out in their personal drawings and decorations on these pages. My favorite is Gakisan's. She really decorated her 2 pages! The little mame's are a cute touch. 🙂 The regular edition first press comes with a photo card.

YossiAichanGakisanMikittyKameiSayuminReinachanKoharuchanMitsui Aika

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2 Responses to Momusu’s new single “Egao YES nude.”

  1. So, where's the nudity?


  2. Some Japanese expressions don't translate well into english. "Egao" means smile; smiling face.:)


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