H!M 2/4/07-”The one with Sayu’s edible meal & Kamei on helium.”

Aikachan's concert debutNono to SayuminNono's menuSayumin's menuWakki makes his entranceWakki is kicked by HideWakki goes flyingGakisanWakkiMikittyKameiWakki to AichanGakisanNonoSayuminSayumin to kyuuriNono to SayuminHantei wa...Nono to Sayumin kachimasuKyamei to heliumKyamei on heliumKyamei on heliumKyameiKyamei winkMikitty's kawaii poseMikitty's kawaii poseKyamei to MikittyPinky Koharu vs. Kyamei Pinky Koharu vs. Kyamei

I finally had time to watch this episode today and what a treat it was. We get a few clips of Aikachan's concert debut on 1/27/07. This H!P concert looks like a good one. The main segment today was a Nono vs. Sayumin showdown in cooking with a budget. We find out that if you're cute and flirt a little you can get a discount on vegetables. Perhaps only in Japan though. 🙂 With set menu's they shop for ingredients while enjoying a couple  of tasty treats along the way. World Pucchi games is pretty much on every week and this week's guests are a wacky pair. Hidekun and Wakkikun. In pic 5 Wakkikun makes his appearance and that look pretty much sums it up. Next, nothing like Wakkikun getting fly kicked by Hidekun after he runs wild scaring everyone. This had to be rewound several times so that I could laugh till it hurt! Gakisan who's looking adorable today gives us a couple of wacky expressions of her own and Wakkikun goes off on Mikitty and Reinachan for messing up in the game, calling them "kimoui." "Kimoi", short for kimochi warui. Had to include a pic of Kamei from the Pucchi Games segment as she's just too cute! Next Aichan gets the "kimoui" treatment from Wakkikun. Amazingly they make it through the final round with no mistakes but by then most of the chocolates are gone. Next we get back to the Nono vs. Sayumin cooking showdown. We get to see a poor cucumber get mutilated by Sayumin and then at last the meals are done. It's amazing to see Sayumin cook something edible as the last time I saw her make a bento for Kamei on "Futarigoto" it was scary and tasted bad. Not just good this time it was oishii! Just like in an episode of Smap Bistro, the 2 courses are judged and a winner needs to be declared. We see Sayumin praying but the guest decides that he likes them both equally. What a softy heh heh. Kamei then does some helium singing in the opening of my favorite segment, H!P Channel. She sounds soo funny and the strange song makes it even better. "Elizabeth Kyamei desu." (wink) Again I say that Mikitty is the perfect person to follow in the footsteps of Yuko on the news segment. Known to be mature and serious most of the time, today she gives us a "Kyamei" type introduction of herself. Kawaii! After Kyamei gets Mikitty to try out a strange dance we get Pinky Koharu vs. Kyamei in a game of tug of war for PR time. Kyamei is soo funny to watch as Koharuchan's determination dominates the match.

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2 Responses to H!M 2/4/07-”The one with Sayu’s edible meal & Kamei on helium.”

  1. paul.thomas says:

    Such a hilarious episode, Hidekun and Wakkikun were excellent and I just couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole game. And I was amazed by both Nono's and Sayumi's cooking, Nono becuase she was awesome and Sayumi because it was edible, I was expecting hers to well be…a complete unedible mess


  2. Yeah this episode was great! I'm hoping that Hidekun and Wakkikun make more appearances in the future. They're by far 2 of the best guests that World Pucchi Games has ever had. I can watch Hidekun fly kick Wakkikun over and over. 🙂


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