NASCAR season revs up with the Budweiser Shootout.

Congratulations to Tony Stewart on winning his 3rd Shootout at the famed Daytona Speedway. We're now just one week from the Superbowl of NASCAR's season. Unlike other sports NASCAR begins it's season with it's biggest race, the Daytona 500. The Shootout is a non points race and while it's just an exhibition race it can still provide a driver with valuable information on car set up,etc. for the big race next Sunday. The prize money is pretty good too! The race didn't go without incident though as Earnhardt Jr. bump drafted Elliot Sadler causing him to spin and lead to a 4 car pileup. The bump wasn't intended to cause harm though and Jr. was just trying to help push them ahead. Toyota made it's big debut in the Cup series with it's Camry. Dale Jarrett started on the pole driving a Camry this season after leaving Robert Yates Racing whom he drove for many years. Jarrett the '99 Cup Champion faded to the back and finished an unimpressive 18th out of the 21 car field. Why only 21 cars in the field? The Shootout includes only the past season's pole winners along with past winners of the Shootout itself so the field is quite small. Cup Series races have 43 cars in the field normally. Now the drivers I really care about. Jimmie Johnson started 8th and finished in 4th place. Not too bad! However Jeff Gordon had mechanical problems and placed last, failing to finish. I know that the cars that teams bring to the Shootout are not their best but he's had so many mechanical failures in recent memory and I really hope that this trend doesn't continue into this year's season. Still driving for that elusive 5th title I hope Gordon can again make the Chase and this time challenge for the Championship. Jimmie Johnson won the Daytona 500 last year and I know he's gonna be good next Sunday. Being the reigning Cup Champion kinda puts a mark on your that all other drivers are gunning for. I hope that doesn't cause other drivers to not draft with him come next week's big event. Like the Indianapolis Colts, Johnson will be distinguished in the same manner by other teams. Former Hendricks Teammate Brian Vickers who now drives for Red Bull with a Camry started 4th and finished 8th. Toyota has such great resources and I'm sure they'll make their mark in the Cup Series soon. I just don't expect it right away. Here's to a great season for the 24 and 48!!!

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