H!M 1/28/07-”The one with all the great monomane.”

Gakisan to Kamei's Mikitty monomaneGakisan to Kamei's Mikitty monomaneKamei's monomane of AichanAichanKoharuchanKoharuchanKoharuchan pounding the buzzerKoharuchanKoharuchanKameiGakisanNono's Reinachan monomaneReinachanKoharuchanNono's Rikachan monomaneRikachan"Copperfield's" pan "magic"KoharuchanMitsui AikaKyameiKamei to MikittyKoharu to Reina

I really enjoyed watching this episode and there were lots of great moments including Momusu members impersonating other members. Kamei got things started with her monomane of Mikitty. It seems that Mikitty will probably never live down the "Melodies" pv. LOL Kamei started to freak Gakisan out a bit. Next she did a really funny impersonation of Aichan's tense to subdued emotions. Koharuchan was so ready for the Kirarin Revolution question but she couldn't hit the buzzer fast enough. It was great watching her pound on that button and her look of disbelief when someone else hit it earlier. A question couldn't have been more tailor made for her and when she finally got her chance to say the missing lines from the anime of course she nailed it and she even used her Kirarin voice. Next I had to include a pic of Kamei and Gakisan from the World Pucchi Games segment as they receive my gold star for cuteness today. Kamei's hair is back to a nice length and her upcoming "Love Hello" release couldn't come out at a better time! When we get back to the main quiz segment Nono performs her monomane of Reinachan. I almost fell out of my chair watching this! The dance, wink, and pose were all hilarious. Even Reinachan had to laugh at this it was too good. Nono follows this up with impersonations of Rikachan's futsal technique as well as how she applies mascara. When it comes to facial expressions and being animated in general Nono is the best of them all! Rikachan did try to plead her case but to no avail. The wacky "Copperfield" guy was funny too. The thing with the bread roll was so wacked out it was funny. As you can see Koharchan liked it too. I couldn't believe how different Aikachan looked in that short interview clip after dance rehearsals with the group. Talk about transformation. Hair, makeup all done along with a nice outfit and she now looks like a Momusu member. Her voice is still strange though. 🙂 And finally what I'll be looking forward to in each upcoming episode of H!M is the HPChannel segment with Kamei, Mikitty and Koharuchan. Kamei is soo adorable in this and she even almost gets Mikitty to do her strange Africa dance complete with props. Kamei used to play games with the guests she was interviewing and now that role belongs to Koharuchan who goes up against Reinachan in a battle to see who can put on more costume props within a time limit. I liked the way they counted them down as it kinda reminded me of the end of the Kouhaku when we see who got more votes. It's a good thing that Reinachan won so that she could get the PR time to talk about her Alo-Hello! release.

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7 Responses to H!M 1/28/07-”The one with all the great monomane.”

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I'm still in the middle of downloading this episode, only another 8 hours to go :(I think I may just leave my PC on all day and hopefully I should have it when I get back in from work, then I can start downloading the next episode


  2. It'll be well worth the effort. 🙂


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Popped around a friends house today and manage to get the last couple of meg i needed for this episode and your right it was really worth the wait! Kamei is so funny in them clips, it made me laugh so hard!….and wow, a bag thats a bra…I'm sure that has some kind of practical use?!Also managed to download episode 040207 (in an amazing hour and a half) and another great episode it was, the tug of war between Koharu and Kamei makes for great viewing, I was also shocked at how well Sayumi's cooking came out, last time I watched her cook something it looked far from edible.


  4. Cool! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. All the Kamei goodness in there. She's gone full circle with her look. At first the shorter hair surprised me but then it didn't matter at all. She's such a great ball of energy. Now she looks better than ever and her "Elizabeth Kyamei" character is back. I'm happier than you can imagine. No really you can't imagine. 🙂 I'm thinking that you're referring to Sayumin's "bento" for Kamei on "Musume Dokyu! Vol.3." That was hilarious! Her "future child talk" and "Akai Freesia" karaoke on "Futarigoto" are legendary. Also have you seen Aichan's and Gakisan's conversation at the eatery near a river on "Futarigoto?" A subbed version of this was releases and it's incredible entertainment. Also the "Bakajo" show where the goal was to find out who's the least intelligent Musume. It was done with the funniest host/teacher. This is a Hall of Fame H!P clip. It really doesn't get better than this! If you've never seen this program then I'll have to include this with the package. It's must see t.v. It's as funny as anything I've ever seen in my life. No kidding! 🙂


  5. paul.thomas says:

    I think I may have seen the "Bakajo" show, but I don't have it saved anywhere.If I remember rightly the show had an amusing teacher and Mari and him had quite a quirky relationship going on…also from what i remember, didn't Kei write something like "i'm embarrassed to be in Morning Musume" for one of the questions?


  6. Did you view a subbed version? I hope so as it was subtitled by some very nice people. Remember Nacchi not knowing which mountain was the tallest in Japan and her scary "children crossing" sign art? Gakisan was so funny with her answers but you couldn't blame her because she probably hadn't learned much of the subjects covered yet in school. Aibon and Nono though. Challenging for the crown that no one wanted. This is right up there with the English/Japanese teacher segment. This was great as well!


  7. paul.thomas says:

    Yeah, my version was subbed…annoyingly for some reason it came in 3 or 4 separate files, which was a bit odd. The whole thing is great, I especially liked the entrances that they made into the class room and their reactions as they walked in.


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