H!P Up To Boy covers cont.

Up To Boy Nov, Dec '02, & Jan '03 Tanpopo in Up To BoyTanpopo in Up To BoyTanpopo in Up To BoyTanpopo in Up To BoyIchii Sayaka in Up To BoyIchii Sayaka in Up To BoyMikitty in Up To BoyMikitty in Up To BoyMikitty in Up To BoyMikitty in Up To BoyAichan in Up To BoyAichan in Up To BoyAichan in Up To BoyAichan in Up To Boy

Here are my November 2002, December 2002 and January 2003 issues. It's pretty amazing how H!P really ruled the covers of Up To Boy back then. You almost feel sorry for the other idols in the magazine, Not!! I keed I keed! 🙂 The November issue featured the last generation of Tanpopo on the cover. While they only released one single with this lineup it's my favorite lineup. Rikachan, Gakisan, Konkon and Shibata Ayumi! That's what I call a super unit! After the 4 pics of them in this issue are 2 pics of a feature in this same issue featuring Ichii Sayaka. After leaving H!P and Momusu she went on to a new group, Cubic-Cross who was on the Piccoro Town label like many H!P releases are. They released some pretty cool stuff, check it out if you have the chance. The pvs are cute. The next 4 pics are from the December issue which features Mikitty on the cover. Her 4th single "Boyfriend" was her new release at the time. The last 4 pics are of my favorite Momusu member Aichan who is featured on the January 2003 cover. It's a funny thing with her. While I don't want her to ever leave Momusu I'm also looking forward to her having a solo career. I'm wacky like that. It's a good thing though as I won't be totally sad when she eventually graduates. Aichan singles with pvs! Nothing could be better for me. She is the queen of shashinshuu's in my mind. How can someone be this perfect?!

It's so funny that not only do I find idols that that I wasn't familiar with at the time when taking out these past issues but also that somehow I didn't remove some cards from some issues. :O The 3 issues I'm featuring here had photo cards as a bonus item and I somehow managed to not even remove them from their pouch. In the first pic you see that they're still sealed but I soon took care of that. The next pic is of the 6 cards from the November and December 2002 issues. The next pic is of the January 2003 issue's sealed card envelope and after that Aichan's card is finally free along with 2 friends. Aichan. Isn't she loverly.

Up To Boy cards still sealedNov. and Dec. 2002 Up To Boy cardsAichan card still sealedUp To Boy Aichan card and friends

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  1. Craig says:



  2. paul.thomas says:

    Personally I'm a fan of the 2nd generation Tanpopo, what can I say anything with Kago and Mari in always comes out tops for me.


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