H!P Up To Boy covers cont.

Up To Boy June, July & August 2002Aibon to Nono in Up To BoyAibon to Nono in Up To BoyAibon to Nono in Up To BoyAibon to Nono in Up To BoyRikachan in Up To BoyRikachan in Up To BoyRikachan in Up To BoyRikachan in Up To BoyGen 5 in Up To BoyGen 5 in Up To BoyGen 5 in Up To BoyGen 5 in Up To Boy

Here are my June, July and August 2002 issues. The June issue featured Aibon and Nono on the cover and the next 4 photos are of their article in that issue. The next 4 are from the July issue which featured Rikachan on the cover. I still regard this Rikachan shashinshuu to be one of H!P's best of all time. Her hair was a beautiful brown and at a perfect length for this shashinshuu. The photographer couldn't have done a better job as every shot is perfect. The next 4 are from the August issue which featured Gen 5 on the cover. For whatever reason the Gen 5 shashinshuu that is being featured in this article is the only H!P shashinshuu that I ever had trouble getting as it sold out rather quickly and took quite awhile to be restocked even at Amazon Japan. Fushigi ne…

Also in the August issue is a feature on Shiina Noriko who was Fuji T.V.'s Visual Queen of the Year 2001. She also had a brief music career from 1999 till 2002. Below is my Shiina Noriko cd collection of her 1 album and 7 singles. Interestingly her fourth single "P.S. Good-Bye" and it's coupling with song "sukina hitowa kimi dakedayo" were both written by Tsunku. Below that pic are 2 pics of the August Up To Boy Shiina Noriko article. The next pic is of my Shiina Noriko shashinshuu and Visual Queen of the Year 2001 dvd. This dvd is pretty special as it's shot in 16:9 widescreen which is unheard of when it comes to idol dvds, has a multi angle feature with 6 different angles and a "video clip editor" feature that lets you create your own sequence of shots. Imagine if H!P had multiple angles and a video clip editor feature on their dvds! How cool would that be! The last 3 pics are from her shashinshuu. If you're interested in checking out any of her songs I'd suggest either "do re mi fa so ra shi do" or "isu."

Shiina Noriko in Up To BoyShiina Noriko in Up To BoyShiina Noriko shashinshuu to dvdShiina NorikoShiina NorikoShiina Noriko

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8 Responses to H!P Up To Boy covers cont.

  1. paul.thomas says:

    I can't thank you enough for putting all these old issues of Up To Boy up, I love looking through the photos. It's great to see how things have changed.I have the Aibon and Nono PB featured in the first set of photos and it's one of my favourites, it's so funny, the pictures are great. I love the photos of them with the mechanical panda/bear thing and the ones with them dressed up as giant footballs, such a bizarre collection of shots, but it suits them so much.Last year I managed to also get a copy of the Gen 5 PB, what was particularly impressive was that it was in perfect condition, sealed and unopened.As for Rikachan's PB, I've never managed to find a copy of it, well at least a copy in good condition, so the hunt continues, and with how highly you rate it, I'm going to start looking that little bit harder.Your comment about checking out Shiina Noriko music made me think, apart from Hello Project I don't really listen to any other JPop (or other Japanese music for that matter) I think the furthest I've ventured away from H!P is Asami Abe, I have both of her albums, but I'm sure that doesn't really count.


  2. That's awesome that you found a brand new copy of the Gen 5 shahinshuu! I haven't looked on Amazon Japan but is that Rikachan shashinshuu out of print? I guess I figured that they just keep on printing these for a long time. I'll put up some pics of it in my next post. You're very good at finding out of print items so I'm sure you'll find a copy. I started buying J-pop in 1992 and I still remember my first purchase. It was Morikawa Miho's "Voices" cd. The cover got my interest and I bought it on impulse not knowing what it would sound like or anything about the artist. And the rest as they say is history as I got the J-Pop buying position and have a pretty good size collection of Japanese music. Where I'm going with this is that I think I should make you a mp3 sampler of some of the artists that I've gotten into along the way. Not including any dvds I have about 1646 J-Pop cds and singles. I may have missed some stuff. I was supporting Abe Asami's music career too and have her albums and all of her singles. She seems to have dissapeared. Where are you mini Nacchi? I used to call her that but I know that those shoes are WAY WAY WAY too big to fill.


  3. paul.thomas says:

    Just checked Amazon and they have some in stock…but only 2, link to PBAs for printing, I'm not to sure either, I've always though of them similar to annuals.Abe Asami, has been quiet on the music front for quite a while, but having only had her albums for about 6 months it doesn't feel that long to me, lol, but from looking at her site she has made quite a few TV appearances last year, my Japanese is terrible, so I don't the whats and whys.If you have the time to put together a mp3 sampler together that would be great, but if not don't worry…next time I'm in central London (quite possibly tomorrow) I might grab a couple of non H!P albums.


  4. Hey Paul this afternoon I started creating a nice package that I'll send to you when it's finished. With my good friend Saburo's help we created a cool dvd today which features one of my all time favorite male J-Pop bands. Of course the focus will be on the mp3's that I'll get to work on this week and the dvd is rather something that I feel needs to be seen to fully appreciate this band that I won't mention just yet. Himitsudayo. 🙂 Also I'm glad that the Rikachan PB is still available.


  5. paul.thomas says:

    Thanks, it's very much appreciated, I didn't get a chance to pop out over the weekend so I have yet to experiment with other flavours of J-Pop, I may hold on until I hear the mp3's as it will probably save me some cash as I will literally be going in and going "hmmmm, nice cover, I'll buy that one….ooohh, comes in a fancy box, I'll have that one, etc etc"


  6. Please definitely hold off on buying anything till I send you the package. It'll take a bit of time to put it together as there's a lot of stuff to go through and I'll continue on it this week. This was Superbowl weekend. Whew! Great party! 🙂


  7. paul.thomas says:

    No worries will do. How was the Superbowl? Been a long time since I watched any American Football, there was an article in todays paper about it…the game review was 90 words…Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at the Superbowl got a half page spread :S


  8. It was a really good game! Today is Superbowl recovery day.


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