H!M 1/21/07- The return of Elizabeth Kyamei!

KyameiKyamei to MikittyKyameiMikitty gives Kyamei the look.Kyamei to GakisanPinky KoharuKyameiKyameiHPChannel Rikachan to GakisanKyameiKyamei

Some may wonder why my 2nd favorite Momusu member is Kamei and you have to go back to when H!M first created a wonderful character for her on the news segment. She was Reporter Kyamei back then and it seemed to bring out her great personality from then on versus the quiet demeanor she had before. Not just on this segment, she was different in general. Those older news segments have so many priceless Kamei moments in them that endeared her to me. The news segments have gone through many changes with numerous different sets and different members in the newscaster, commentator and reporter roles. From Yuko, Rikachan, Aichan, Konkon, Sayumin, etc… my favorite in this segment is Kamei. She's just so funny to watch and she is such a ball of energy! Need I mention incredibly cute too, okay I just did. I just watched last weeks H!M and couldn't believe that she was back! Thank goodness no more stairs!!! I was wondering how they would advertise their new releases on the show and what I think was the best format, the in studio news set is back with a new name. In HP Channel Mikitty is the new Yuko and that couldn't be more perfect of a role although this time as the commentator. Pinky Koharu takes over Kyamei's reporter duties and Kyamei is finally the Newscaster. This cast is perfect and I couldn't have picked them any better. Of course I know that this euphoria may only be temporary as you never know if they'll change members in this segment or how long it will last. But Kyamei must remain as she's the wacky glue that holds it all together. In her triumphant return she managed to poke some fun at Charmy Ishikawa and Gakisan, an NG while reading the news, and how about that look from Mikitty after Kyamei was done with her introduction…priceless. Ooooh happy day! 🙂 One other thing about this episode of H!M that made me smile was the Hello Bowling segment and the interesting way that Koharuchan throws the bowling ball. 🙂

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2 Responses to H!M 1/21/07- The return of Elizabeth Kyamei!

  1. Craig says:

    Just saw Eri & Miki in action today for the first time in their new roles & you were right they are very good!


  2. 🙂 They really do make a good team. If you can find older episodes check out Yuko and Kyamei in the news segments. Where it all started.


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