Momusu’s Tanjo 10 nen kinentai “Bokuraga ikiru My Asia” to Kohachan.

The release that I was most looking forward to in this shipment is Morning Musume's "Tanjo 10 nen kinentai." I originally wrote about this release back on December 7th and at that time the release information didn't include Gakisan as being in this unit. I haven't seen the H!M performance yet so this was quite a big surprise for me. And what a great surprise it is! I received both the limited and regular editions today. The limited version comes in a nice clear slip case to hold the 5 photo cards that are included. The inside picture and cover picture are of slightly different shots and I must emphasize that everyone looks incredible!! The regular edition first press comes with a photo card with all  5 members. Now more importantly the song itself. From my first listen it's already catchy. Tsunku penned a nice ballad for this momentous occasion. Having Nacchi and Kaorin still in H!P and on this single is essential for this release to really celebrate it's meaning. I can't believe how time goes by so quickly as I was supporting them from the beginning ordering their debut (commercial release) single "Morning Coffee" out of a new release catalog. The release information caught my eye and I ordered it on impulse. I did a lot of buying that way as I liked to check out new artists I've never heard of or established artists that I was unfamiliar with at the time. Buying was a real learning experience and I was lucky to have that kind of freedom with my ordering. What I didn't know was that when that single arrived a gem of a song would make me a fan from that point on. The coupling with song "Ai no tane" was the one that blew me away that day. It later became very important for me to acquire the original Asayan Morning Musume release that started it all as Nacchi, Yuko, Kaorin, Ayappe and Asuka worked so hard to sell 50,000 copies of this single on their own. I got it from Otokichi Premium who's a seller in Japan who specializes in rare items for a price I won't mention here otherwise you may think I'm a bit out of my mind. 🙂 When he emailed me the price I thought about it for a couple of minutes then ordered it. Till this day I don't know why it took me that long. A couple of minutes is a long time when this treasure was right there within reach. He was selling 2 of them back then. One was just the single by itself while the other included along with the single the original hand signed postcard by all 5 original members and a photograph of the group. I had to go for the complete package here. When it arrived I framed it and hung it up. I have pics of it on this site: with E.T. (proving that Momusu fans do indeed come from everywhere) and another of it hanging up on the wall. I won't bore you with any more details here of how I became a fan. The more complete post of this is on Paul Thomas's Hello!Blog under the topic of discovering Morning Musume.

The very next item in this shipment that I opened up was Kohachan's "Kirarin Revolution Song Selection." The main reason I ordered this mini album was to get her song "koi hanabi." There's also another song by her titled "Love dayo darlin." It was a good thing that the first press is still available so I also got a dvd with this album with the pv for "koi hanabi." Kohachan takes the cutest pictures and her pink outfit with plaid skirt is adorable. Below is a pic of the album w/dvd and the next 3 pics are from the pv "koi hanabi." 

Kohachan's "Kirarin Revolution" cdKohachanKohachankohachan

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3 Responses to Momusu’s Tanjo 10 nen kinentai “Bokuraga ikiru My Asia” to Kohachan.

  1. Frox says:

    Ah I still need to receive my copy of Bokuraga ikiru My Asia,…'s lookin' pretty slick.


  2. paul.thomas says:

    I didn't know that 'Kirarin Revolution Song Selection' was out, to be honest I hadn't even bothered looking for it, but I'm thinking it's yet another item to go on my list of things to buy, hahaha it's never ending…not that it's a bad thing ;p


  3. Paul it is never ending.:) Yes if you're a Kohachan fan then it's a must have! 🙂


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