CdJapan order arrived today!

This order contains 9 items including Momusu's "Bokuraga ikiru My Asia" limited and regular editions, Kohachan's "Kirarin Revolution Song Selection" first press with dvd, Ito Yuna's "Heart" cd  first press w/ pv dvd, Amuro Namie's new single "Baby Don't Cry" cd + dvd edition, Nacchi's "Single V Clips 1" dvd and "Hello Pro Hour" Volumes 4,  5 and 6 dvds. If you've never heard of Ito Yuna she's a really great new artist who is actually from Hawaii. Her parents own a restaurant here on Oahu called "Akinono" and her parents really support her and play her music and live performances on screens in the restaurant. The album I received today is her debut album which comes with a dvd containing pv's for 6 of her songs. My favorite song by her is "Stuck on You." Endless Story" and "Precious" are great songs too. Amuro Namie's new single comes with a dvd as well which has her new pv on it. I'll get around to watching that later. H!P is first!

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4 Responses to CdJapan order arrived today!

  1. Frox says:

    Amuro Namie's new single rocks \m/ ,…..good for the ears while delivering newspapers when it's freezing at 05:00.


  2. Frox the cards are really cool that come with the single and you're gonna love them! I can't wait for the pv release. That's cool both of us have to brave the early morning cold although I imagine it's much more cold for you as I live in Hawaii. I start work at either 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. Who knows what schedule's next. I just watched the pv for Amuro's new single tonight and I agree it's a great song. The melody gets you in a good mood. I love the stroll she takes in the pv. It's filmed so well and flows with the song perfectly.


  3. richiety says:



  4. Uzagaku yeah I really wish I were there that night with Saburo. He got to take a picture with her and also got her autograph on a card! Pretty awesome stuff!! 🙂


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