Amuro Namie an early J-pop love.

My Amuro Namie cd collectionAmuro Namie pv dvd and concert vhsAmuro Namie concert program & stubAmuro Namie shashinshuu's

One of my early J-jpop favorites, Amuro Namie was a big part of my getting into Japanese music. If I remember correctly it was her single "Try Me~watashiwo shinjite~" that I heard first from her and the impact was immediate. At the time techno was hot and this song captures that era well. She was on all the music shows and this song's power just grabbed you. Her backup dancers the "Super Monkeys" eventually went on their own becoming the group Max. Max: Nana. Reina. Mina. Rina. That's a whole other story! If you look at her early singles you'll see that Amuro Namie started in the music business really young (click on the left image to zoom in on her early singles) and the impressive thing is her voice which was awesome from the very beginning. The early ballad "Rainbow Moon" displays her vocal power even at this early age. Hawaii got a rare J-pop treat when Amuro Namie performed a concert at the Waikiki Shell here on Oahu. Sunday May 14, 2000 is a day I'll never forget. The show was awesome as Namie rocked Hawaii with an awesome live band. An amazing thing is the ticket was only $35 back then. I remember we went early and waited all day in line to make sure we got a great spot up front on the lawn. Above is my Amuro Namie collection of 6 albums, all 38 of her singles, her pv collection dvd, 1st concert video, program and stub from the concert and 2 shashinshuu's. The first half of her career is pure j-pop while the later half is more r & b. If you've never heard her before check out her early songs such as "Paradise Train", "Chase the Chance", "kanashiki broken boy", "wagamamawo yurushite", "Rainbow Moon", "A Walk in the Park", "Can You Celebrate?", "Get My Shinin'", "taiyouno season" or "Stop the Music." Some of these songs have 2 very different versions and the versions from "Original Tracks Vol. 1" are much better than the ones from "Dance Tracks Vol. 1."

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  2. Sometimes I wish Japan had stayed with the 8cm format for singles because they look cool. However having to buy cases for them was an extra cost but it makes them look much nicer.


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