The passing of a NASCAR great and possible rule changes.

Jimmie Johnson elite series diecastJimmie Johnson elite series diecastJeff Gordon elite series diecastJeff Gordon elite series diecast

Today is a sad day as ''73 Cup Series Champion Benny Parsons has passed away at the age of 65 due to complications from lung cancer. Benny Parsons is in the Racing Hall of Fame and his greatest victory came in 1975 when he won the Daytona 500. We have truly lost a great champion as well as a great person. He will be missed.

NASCAR is planning on some possible changes in the upcoming 2007 season. These include more points awarded for race winners and the possibility of including 12 instead of 10 drivers in the final 10 race Chase format. I'm a big fan of awarding more points for wins as this will add much needed importance to winning races and will spice things up. I have a feeling that the change to 12 in the Chase is somehow related to Tony Stewart failing to make the Chase last season as he was locked out by 1 position. Tony himself said that his team didn't perform well enough towards the end of the regular season to deserve a spot in the Chase. If this change in the rules does go through then we'll just have to wait to see if it adds to the format in a positive way or if it waters down the competition.

Lastly on an interesting note and I do mean interesting. A 72 year old driver who was the 1966 NASCAR Rookie of the Year is attempting to qualify for this year's Daytona 500! He's doing it for all the seniors out there. So far his practice times have been the slowest of all drivers getting ready for qualifying but you never know what can happen on qualifying day where drawing late in the qualifying order can be a great advantage. Track cools off, speeds pick up. We just have to wait and see what happens. I wish him the best. This somehow seems kinda nuts though. :O

Above are a couple of my elite series 1:24 scale die cast cars. My 2 favorite drivers: Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson. I can almost smell the rubber. NASCAR's superbowl is only about a month away!!

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