The Moritaka connection.

Moritaka Chisato's albumsMoritaka Chisato's cd singlesThe Stress,Watarasebashi,Pepperland

When it comes to H!P doing cover songs, Moritaka Chisato seems to be the favorite choice. Minimoni covered Moritaka's "Rock n' Roll kenchou shozaichi." Both Ayaya and Gocchin did covers of "watarasebashi", my all time favorite Moritaka Chisato song. And most recently Nacchi did a cover of "The Stress." Back in 1995 I bought my first Moritaka Chisato album titled "Do The Best" as it had caught my eye on the shelf one day! From then I began ordering her entire catalog and bought whatever was still in print. For the rest of her catalog I went through Otokichi Premium in Japan and completed her collection. 21 albums and 40 singles. I also bought 10 of her concert/pv dvds. 9 of these I also have on vhs as they weren't released on dvd till much later. Both "The Stress" and "watarasebashi" were singles while "Rock n' Roll kenchou shozaichi" is from her album "Pepperland." If H!P covers another one of her songs I hope it's "Fight!!"

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10 Responses to The Moritaka connection.

  1. Craig says:

    She must have been very good. Is she retired now then?


  2. Yes she's left the music business and is now married to actor/musician Eguchi Yosuke. They make a great couple! She was awesome in concert and even played the drums! There's a recorder solo in the middle of "watarasebashi" that she plays and in concert it's soo cute and cool. She has soo many great songs you should check some out if you get the chance. I'd suggest: "futari wa koibito", "Fight!!", "kaze ni fukarete", "watashi no natsu", "obasan", "kono machi", "wakarimashita", "concert no yoru", "kibun sokai", "natsu no hi" and I could go on and on but I'll stop there. 🙂


  3. Craig says:

    I might try youtube sometime then 🙂


  4. Nyocok says:

    Oh… she retired…..I think she still in music arena….however I will try to get all her single and album…..but difficult because I already check out but it's very hard to find out…. Can you suggest where I can find it…


  5. Nyocok I'm happy to see that you're a big fan of Moritaka Chisato like me! When I was collecting all of her albums and singles a great place to buy them from is a site called Otokichi Premium. Really great service and he has a lot of rare J-Pop items in stock. You can pay by money order and he now even accepts Paypal! I've bought a lot of items from Otokichi Premium and I highly recommend this site! I've done a search of Moritaka Chisato and he currently has 13 of her albums and 27 of her singles in stock! Click here to go shopping: Otokichi Premium.


  6. zdorama says:

    Chisato Moritaka was another artist that had so many great songs that we made "Favorite Song Ranking Lists" for her, too!


  7. zdorama that was another very difficult song list to make! Even though our lists were quite different for the most part we did agree on one song, "Futari wa koibito." I believe you and Saburo have it at #1 while I have it ranked at #2. My favorite Moritaka Chisato song is "Watarasebashi."


  8. Saburo says:

    I still HAVE our lists on my hard drive here at workage. Stardate: 02 December 2002.
    Dang, time flies…


  9. Saburo I'm glad that you still have them too! A lot of thought was put into making these song lists but the end result is always worth the effort. You can look back on it and see the way it was back then. 2002, that was awhile ago!


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