Matsu Takako’s “minna hitori” pv.

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 "Minna hitori" was written and produced by Takeuchi Mariya. The other 2 tracks "shiawase no jumon" and "now and then" were both written by Matsu Takako (lyrics and music!). All 3 songs are great but "minna hitori" and 'shiawase no jumon" are outstanding songs. As a first press bonus a dvd containing the pv for "minna hitori" was included with the cd. It's a beautiful video full of heart that mirrors the song's lyrics perfectly. Above are some screen shots from the video. It tells a heartwarming story. Give it a listen. You won't be dissapointed.

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6 Responses to Matsu Takako’s “minna hitori” pv.

  1. Mikey says:



  2. This is such a sweet song and in fact "Shiawase no jumon" has grown on me the most since I wrote this awhile back! Hmm…in fact it's one of my 5 most favorite Matsu Takako songs and I love her music sooo much!! She had an anniversary release coming out which pretty much covered all of her works but it got canceled suddenly…really strange but I'm hoping that it's release is rescheduled soon. If it's released again you should get one! Sorry here I go again trying to make you spend more money! 😛 I just realized that you did read my "love story" post about her….hmm…she's another celebrity that I consider really beautiful! But let's please leave that conversation where it's currently being held! ^-^


  3. Mikey says:

    I'm glad that I've had time to go over your many great posts in the last few days! I DL'ed all the songs and videos that you mentioned. Mt interest was especially high during the Long Holiday period.. 🙂 I hear that the Princesses are mesmerized when her videos are playing on their pink Nano! :)I really want that CD!


  4. I'll be trying to post more artists that I love in the next few days as it's just been really difficult trying to find the time recently but I know you understand what I mean. 🙂 Make sure to get your "recommended" daily dosage of Mr.Children! 😛 I hope that they do reschedule her release which should cover pretty much all of her works! ^-^


  5. Mikey says:



  6. You're so receptive with everything and I'm just waiting for the day when you say…"ugh! that wasn't very good." 😛 I have some of my favorite Mr.Children songs posted here:…just in case you haven't had a chance to listen to them yet. ^-^I love that concert performance!!! The rest of the concert was really great too! ^-^

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