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Momusu’s first live.

Watching Nacchi's Acoustic Live got me thinking of this. It seems that slowly H!P is beginning to use live musicians in their shows. Let's hope that that trend continues. Who knows one day Momusu may go live again. They had … Continue reading

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Matsu Takako’s “minna hitori” pv.

 "Minna hitori" was written and produced by Takeuchi Mariya. The other 2 tracks "shiawase no jumon" and "now and then" were both written by Matsu Takako (lyrics and music!). All 3 songs are great but "minna hitori" and 'shiawase no … Continue reading

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Nacchi’s Acoustic Live at Shibuya O-East dvd.

Nacchi fans will love this dvd while a casual fan may be a bit dissapointed in that there are only 7 songs performed and that's counting "amasugita kajitsu" which is performed twice (opening song w/ live band and closing song … Continue reading

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