Kouhaku utagassen

Momusu/GAM appeared at about 45 minutes into the program and I was pleasantly surprised to see Berryz Koubou, C-ute and Country Musume on stage with them although in a strictly visual manner. I really wasn't expecting this at all and it was great to see them all there. I still think that medleys should be banned from the Kouhaku but somehow I wasn't as dissapointed as I thought I'd be knowing that a medley was in store. They got a pretty good amount of stage time and I think that "aruiteru" made it's presence known even to someone unfamiliar with their music. The giant stuffed animal mascots were a little strange and overkill I thought but it didn't dampen the performance. Kamei looked awesome! (love the longer hair!), Aichan looked awesome! (she always does though) Kohachan looked awesome! (too cute!) Sayumin (the camera loved her tonight). Momo "the animal" Tsugunaga was having a grand time with the mascots as well. Of course I'm a bit biased with the members. Heh Heh. 🙂 Various different members also made appearances throughout the night in performances or back up capacity. All in all it was a very good night for H!P. Being from Hawaii I found this next thing a big kick. Hawaii's own Jake Shimabukuro was accompanying Natsukawa Arimi during her performance. Jake Shimabukuro did an instore performance at Tower awhile back! Really sweet guy and awesome musician! This was probably the biggest surprise of the night. Other performances that I thought were good were Wat (I was a bit taken off guard and I thought they really sounded good), I dig Aiko and Angela Aki in her Kouhaku debut was great too! Her performance of "Home" was perfect. I love her vocals and she's great on the piano as well. As far as the red team is concerned though, I thought that Imai Miki was tops! She has such grace and vocal presence that's it's almost unmatched by anyone else in J-Pop. Her performance of "Pride" was breathtaking. Her voice is so elegant, it reminds me of Karen Carpenter. At this point of the show I thought that the red team would win for sure. After a little disclaimer (no they weren't nude) by the announcer and DJ OZMA gets the boot from the broadcast completely. I also thought that Kobukuro was really good and Koda Kumi kicked some serious butt as well. ^ ^  Her voice is so strong. She's had better outfits before though. 🙂 The ultimate nostalgic moment came when Dreams Come True performed a special 2006 version of "Love Love Love." Yes the theme song for the first Japanese drama I've ever watched. "aishiteiruto itte kure." This song brings back good memories and it's one of the best dramas I've ever seen. At the end of the night though I have to say that for me it was Smap who brought the house down. I have many favorite Smap songs but "arigatou" seems to surpass most of them. I think this is absolutely one of the best songs that they've ever released. The layered harmonies. The cool rapid vocals behind the chorus. Uplifting. Catchy. With meaning in it's lyrics. Above is the greeting card the cd single came with. Smap e…arigatou. Arigatou. ^o^

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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3 Responses to Kouhaku utagassen

  1. Craig says:

    🙂 I wasn't going to download the bits & pieces @ H!O but you've made a sufficiently Momo-licious case for it :drool: I want 2 c the kids having fun too! 😀 hehe


  2. Craig says:

    I watched the MM/GAM perf. on utube instead 4 conveniance. Boy o boy did the kids steal the show!


  3. And it's a good thing since the giant stuffed animals were threatening to take over the stage! 🙂


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