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C-ute’s first major single release.

C-ute's first major single release is titled "sakura chirari" and will be released on Feb. 21st. The dvd single will follow one week later on Feb. 28th. The limited edition cd single comes with a 24 page booklet while the … Continue reading

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Momusu’s single V “egao Yes Nude.”

What's with the wacky release date for the dvd single? 3 editions of Momusu's upcoming cd single will be released on Feb. 14. But the dvd single won't be released for another 3 weeks on March 7th. They should release … Continue reading

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Resolution for 2007.

Let's be good to one another even if your friend is a stuffed duck. 🙂 Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Kouhaku utagassen

Smap’s "arigatou" single and card Momusu/GAM appeared at about 45 minutes into the program and I was pleasantly surprised to see Berryz Koubou, C-ute and Country Musume on stage with them although in a strictly visual manner. I really wasn't … Continue reading

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Morning Musume’s Up To Boy debut.

Here are the May and October 1998 issues. The magazine had gone through a major change in appearance. Note the slightly shorter height of the magazines. I sure am glad that the magazine is back to it's larger size with … Continue reading

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