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H!M 1/21/07- The return of Elizabeth Kyamei!

Some may wonder why my 2nd favorite Momusu member is Kamei and you have to go back to when H!M first created a wonderful character for her on the news segment. She was Reporter Kyamei back then and it seemed … Continue reading

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H!P 2007 Winter Live DVD Box

On March 28th H!P will releases a 4 disc box set containing 4 concerts including Asami and Miuna's graduation concert. This is the first time that H!P is releasing a live collection of this size and it can be yours … Continue reading

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Amuro Namie’s “Baby Don’t Cry” single.

Great new song from Amuro Namie! The pv shows Namie going on a stroll it's pacing compliments the song perfectly. The coupling with song "Nobody" interestingly is her 2005 Christmas song "White Light" with new lyrics. Baby Don’t Cry by … Continue reading

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“Ho! Summer”

"Ho! Summer" single I've had this song stuck in my head for a little over a week now. For best results watch the pv at least twice. Side effects may include: extreme euphoria, singing in the shower, a sudden urge … Continue reading

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Ito Yuna

The first press edition of Ito Yuna's 1st album "Heart" comes with a bonus dvd containing 6 pvs of her singles. If I were to just suggest one song it'd have to be her latest single "Truth." This song really … Continue reading

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The first press that almost got away.

Tackey & Tsubasa’s "Hatachi" album It's funny how something can be there everyday and just when you want it then it's gone. I actually joked about how it would be gone now that I wanted it. Recently Zdorama got me … Continue reading

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Oldies but goodies.

Here are some pics that weren't included in Aichan's "Aigokoro" shashinshuu. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Momusu’s Tanjo 10 nen kinentai “Bokuraga ikiru My Asia” to Kohachan.

"Bokuraga ikiru My Asia" The release that I was most looking forward to in this shipment is Morning Musume's "Tanjo 10 nen kinentai." I originally wrote about this release back on December 7th and at that time the release information … Continue reading

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CdJapan order arrived today!

Momusu 10th anniversary single,etc… This order contains 9 items including Momusu's "Bokuraga ikiru My Asia" limited and regular editions, Kohachan's "Kirarin Revolution Song Selection" first press with dvd, Ito Yuna's "Heart" cd  first press w/ pv dvd, Amuro Namie's new … Continue reading

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3 shashinshuu’s arrived today!

Mr.Children's limited edition single "Fake" was released yesterday in Japan and that means that my Amazon Japan order with the Mr.Children single and 3 H!P shashinshuu's shipped out. It arrived today and luckily I was home in time to sign … Continue reading

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