My 2nd December CdJapan order has arrived.

December's 2nd CdJapan orderDecember's 2nd CdJapan order

I normally order once a month from CdJapan but due to Berryz Koubou's wacky late release date (12/27) for their "munasawagi scarlet" pv dvd I didn't want to wait till late January to get this so I did a second order this month. Today I received Berryz Koubou- "munasawagi scarlet" dvd, Pucchi Best 7cd, Pucchi Best 7 dvd, "Morning Musume concert tour 2006 aki odore! morning curry" dvd, Nacchi's "Acoustic Live at Shibuya O-East" dvd, Hello Pro Hour Vol. 3 dvd, Matsu Takako's new single "minna hitori" and Hamasaki Ayumi's "Secret" cd. I'm watching the Berryz Koubou dvd single tonight. 23 minutes of Berryz sounds good to me. I already own a lot of the songs on Pucchi Best 7 but 2 tracks make this essential. First Aichan's "yume kara samete" and second "Ready Go!" by Momusu, DEF.DIVA and Berryz Koubou. This single has the best of H!P plus I heard the song at a friends house and I really like it. Same goes for the Pucchi Best 7 dvd. I especially look forward to watching Aichan's "yume kara samete" pv. My favorite Momusu member with her first solo pv! Then there's a live video from Melon Kinenbi and Country Musume plus Yuko's "urara" pv and more. Looking at the Momusu "odore! morning curry" concert dvd tracks that catch my eye are: Reina's "kira kira fuyuno shiny g", Kohachan's "balalaika", Gakisan's "koe" (this is such a great song!), Mikitty and Reina doing "Fine Emotion!", Yossi and Kamei doing "shabondama", "koi ING", "aruiteru" and "souda! we're ALIVE." Looks like a great concert! Nacchi gets the Ayaya treatment and has a real LIVE BAND with her on stage for her acoustic live show. This is much to rare these days when it comes to H!P. I know this concert is going to be great as well. Hello Pro Hour Vol. 3 has Sayumin hosting with guests Shibata Ayumi, Nakajima Saki, Gocchin and Okai Chisato. I've actually already seen the episode with Sayumin interviewing Shibata and it's probably one of the best talk segments in this series so far. Sayumin is soo funny as she nonchalantly jabs and kinda insults Shibata. All of it is in good fun of course but it's hella funny to watch. Sayumin's so blatant it's hilarious. I own all of Matsu Takako's releases and I was looking forward to hearing her new single. 3 new songs plus a first press bonus dvd with pv of the title track! Japanese releases have the best bonuses! I think we here in America could learn from that and help the struggling music sales here. And lastly I haven't bought a Hamasaki Ayumi album for a long time but I was reading some really good things about her latest album so I figured I'd check it out. Plus the dvd that comes with this jacket A edition has pvs for 7 of her singles and making of clips for 7 of them as well. Videos really help me get into songs so having half the album represented in videos is a great bonus. I really should be buying my cousin's cds more often. Heh Heh…the same last name is all we share but I wish I was related to her. That would be really cool!!! And one more funny thing. Ayu posed in Up To Boy a long time ago before she was famous and I have the issue to prove it.

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  1. Craig says:

    It's good that u buy stuff 🙂


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