A friend at work was telling me that there are new models coming out next year so I was wondering if I should wait to get one. Funny thing is that I just got a 2GB iPod nano for Christmas but I'm wondering if I should exchange it for a larger one or return it and get something else. Plus I just got my rewards from my credit card company and I can get a 80GB iPod for about $7. Does anyone know about the new iPods coming out? Should I wait? I've also seen the Zune but it only held 30GB. Not enough space.

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Lover and free spirit who's interests in Japanese culture and the like are insatiable. I am of pure Japanese/Okinawan descent, love my cats, sleep and am a bit naughty at times :).
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8 Responses to iPod

  1. Craig says:

    80GB for $7 sounds sweet (that is if there r no catches).


  2. Stay away from the Zune – it's a typical piece of Microsoft POS. The iPod is so much more versatile.


  3. Thanks for the advice. iPod it is.


  4. Mikey says:

    Did you get 80gb iPod?


  5. Wow this is such an old post that you've found! Ah the funny thing is that since then I've actually spent all of my reward certificates on Christmas gifts! 🙂 Now I see that there is a 160GB iPod! The touch screen ones are nice but the memory is a bit small for the price that they're asking right now. I notice that if you wait awhile they always go down in price significantly when the newer models are released. But I really should invest in a new computer before buying an iPod. That may be easier said than done though.


  6. Mikey says:

    Always newer ones coming, that's for sure. I have the 8gb iPhone, 60gb 5th generation, and 20gb G4… I don't mind 8gb with all the iPhone can do. I just have a few special playlists load from my collection. The video display is so great. You could load some H!P videos to watch! Everything just barely fits on the 60gb.The G4 20gb is still running great. Sadly, it doesn't get much use by me, with the company it now keeps…I finally broke down and bought a laptop this year. Just too handy, as well as portable. I can sit on the front porch and with wi-fi surf away without wires! 🙂 HP is making a lot of nice models these days…Just thinking of Jack Johnson from Hawai'i and his cool songs – like Banana Pancakes… ^^


  7. You sure have a lot of iPods!! Hmm…60 GBs would go a long way but I imagine I'd fill it up with just Japanese music before even reaching other CDs. I'd love to own a iPhone for the internet access! And you're right, with all that it's capable of the memory need not be to large. I'm thinking that Apple must already have the next line developed and are just waiting for the market to settle down which it actually never does! People will always want iPods and they've really developed one of the most if not the most substantial new technologies within the past few years. I'd love to own a laptop as it would be great to be able to get online and work on anything practically anywhere. But first I need a new desktop computer! Between collecting J-Pop and saving money it's just really difficult to buy one right now. But I guess the reason it's so hard to get inspired to buy a new one is that this "dinosaur" computer still does for the most part what I need it to do…it's just really sloooow!


  8. Mikey says:

    I got them one at a time. 🙂 I wasn't very keen on Apple/iPods for a long time. But after trying many of the others based on Microsoft software (almost all the rest), I was really frustrated at the many problems I encountered, and the lack of quality and/or sound on them. So, when someone that won one offered the 20gb G4 cheap, I bit. (You really need Windows XP or better and USB 2.0 to run iTunes/iPod).It held my whole music collection at the time (I have many CDs that I've never ripped yet). It was magical. It just *worked*! The interface is so slick that my niecelet Emma (then 3 years old) figured it out all by herself…And the iTunes Music Store was so handy! (over 3 million songs on the US store now). And you can access the Japanese iTunes Store via a gift card obtainable thru jlist. heheOnce the 60gb Video iPod was out, I had to have it. The menus in color are so nice, and video adds so much too! The screen isn't exactly ideal for movies and such, but good for videos, etc. Lot of video format conversion software out there. More and more sites are offering their content in "ipod format". I had the whole 2nd and 3rd season the of the new, re-imagined Sci-Fi Channel Battlestar Galactica on there for a while. ^^I tried to resist iPhone, and did for a while. But after they dropped the price, I couldn't resist! It is the most awesome iPod ever and a decent phone. Finally, I only carry one device. Even just a cell phone and and iPod is a lot more hassle to carry around. And a smart phone/iPod would at least cost as much. Plus, with "all you can eat" data, I can go online as much as I want, and not worry about the connect costs.With playlists, you can control what goes on each device. There is even something called Smart Playlists that looks at metadata (like your "star" rating of a song) to dynamically determine what to load based on your criteria.And the coolest of all – one system to learn! If you have a 1gb Shuffle, or the 160gb, it all works basically the same. And all can share your iTunes collection equally. All iPods play mp3s perfectly fine. (Some salespeople try to claim that iPod only plays "protected" music).I have a "walking wounded" desktop too. It doesn't do much work now. With Wi-Fi, my laptop does all the heavy lifting now. (since they are networked, I can share files with ease) USB 2.0 external hard drives are just so cheap now! Maybe that would be your best move? Lots more space cheap, and good backup potential too…You don't give up much buying a laptop these days. Many people are buying laptops as their only PC. Anyway, something to think about. :)I know, so many goodies, so little extra cash! ^^


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