Finally getting around to watching my Hello Pro Hour dvds.

Hello Pro Hour Vol. 1 dvdNacchi on Hello Pro HourNacchi and Aichan on Hello Pro HourNacchi and Aichan on Hello Pro HourNacchi and Aichan on Hello Pro HourMaimichan on Hello Pro HourNacchi and Maimichan

What I really like about these shows are the song performances. In each episode the host and 2 guests each perform a song with live musicians. The room the show is filmed is pretty cool too. Someone on the production staff must love Hawaii because the entire room's decor has a Hawaiian theme. In volume 1 Nacchi hosts and performs "takaramono." My 2 overall favorite H!P members Nacchi and guest Aichan in the same room! Add in my favorite C-ute member Maimichan and these episodes are tailor made for me. Nice calligraphy Maimichan!! This volume includes these perfomances: Nacchi "takaramono", Murakami Megumi "tewo nigitte arukitai", Nacchi and Aichan "furusato", Yajima Maimi "shiawase beam! suki suki beam!" (haven't heard this song in ages and the piano arrangement was cool) and Satoda Mai "koiga sutekina kisetsu." Will watch Vol. 2 next. Vol. 3 arrives tomorrow with a CdJapan shipment and vol. 4 arrives with my January shipment. I'm preorderering all of the upcoming volumes of this series. I'm glad that they're releasing these on dvd. I love this show!

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