I’m watching C-ute’s 2006 final in Yomiuriland East Live dvd.

The place where they're performing looks kinda like the Waikiki Shell here on the island of Oahu. During the intro pictures on the jumbo screen Airi seemed to get the loudest reaction from the audience. I thought that Maimi would get that. Their pink outfits are the best! The first press dvd comes with a postcard too. My only complaint so far is that it's shot in 4:3 instead of widescreen which is the format used in all recent H!P concerts except Ayaya's live in Shanghai dvd. Wait, Airi's singing her cool lines in "ookina ai de motenashite." Maimichan looks great! Everyone looks great! It's a day concert and they're out in the sun. Must be awefully hot. I'm serious this place really looks like the Wakiki Shell. They've only done 2 songs so far and everyone's dripping sweat already. Time for the 1st MC.It's kinda strange seeing Murakami Megumichan on stage and yet she's not on the front cover of the dvd. They're now playing little snipits of songs from their 1st album. Now they're just teasing the audience by starting to do Berryz Koubou's "Special Generation" and then stopping. Now Momusu's "The Peace!" Now finally their own "EVERYDAY YEAH! kataomoi." This is definitely Maichan's song. Kannachan should always wear her hair down. I've always loved this song: "iku zyx! FLY HIGH." This is a good outside choice of song since Megumi, Maimi and Erika were in ZYX. Now time for the second MC. This MC is quite long giving time for Airi, Chisato and Mai to get an outfit change. Now the other five members leave the stage and Airi, Chisato and Mai perform "First Kiss." After a 3rd MC it's "soku dakishimete." MC number 4 one last song "wakkyanai (z)." The girl's vocals throughout the concert sound great. The concert is a bit short though only running about 54 minutes but they do only have one album so far so it's understandable. Now time for the special making of feature. A lot of rehearsal footage plus some candid moments backstage. And finally all fans get to meet and greet with C-ute. Everyone gets to shake hands with all of them! The handshake line is outta control. I wonder how they keep people from sneaking back in line a second time. Personal messages to fans by each member ends the dvd. It's kinda funny watching them leave the location in their regular clothes. The special feature segment runs about 16 minutes.
P.S. Craig, Kanna is now tied with Saki for 3rd on my list.

C-ute live dvdYomiuriland EastYajima MaimiNakajima SakiSuzuki AiriSuzuki AiriYajima Maimi

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