Masuda Ayami to join H!P???

I read the news about the winner of the Happy 8 Auditions before I got a chance to watch the H!M sp with the announcement and therefore wasn't in any hurry to watch this episode because the excitement was kinda gone. Today I finally got around to watching it and the first time the little line in red appeared above Ayami's name I thought nothing of it. It reads : "jiki minimoni.?" Other finalists had comments above their names as well such as "next Nacchi" (I don't think so…) so I figured it was just a little comment by the producers. However something that I wasn't aware of until watching this episode is that after the performances in front of Tsunku and the recording sessions, Ayami dissapears. You become one of the final 6. You certainly don't just go home and skip the new member announcement. The narrator is quite vague and just mentions that she's suddenly gone but that caption now seems to have some real meaning. "Jiki" has a few meanings and one of them is "next generation." Of course I don't really take them mentioning "minimoni" literally as I don't imagine that Minimoni will exist again. Maybe instead a new "minimoni" type group is on the horizon and Ayami will be one of it's members! It's total speculation on my part but I did think she was the best of the 6 finalist and still think that she should have won. More so after watching this H!M sp. Well this could all be meaningless and I'll just have to wait and see. Fingers crossed. I do hope that she becomes a part of H!P!

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6 Responses to Masuda Ayami to join H!P???

  1. pengie says:

    (Un?)fortunately, I believe it has been confirmed that avex, where Ayami had previously auditioned, called her back after they learned she was in the final six. She left the finals for that reason.


  2. Hmmm I wonder if she could've won if she had not left. Then on the other hand the Avex deal sounds like a sure thing, good for her. She deserves a contract. Darn Avex. 🙂


  3. pengie says:

    I think she and Aika both would have made it in; it was rumored over at 2ch (where those bastards are apparently almost always right, somehow) that Tsunku had chosen two girls. I said from the start that she would be the winner, and I think she almost was… hopefully avex called her back to sign her instead of calling her back just to evaluate her again. She deserves a lot more than backup dancing for Koda Kumi. :/


  4. I hope she made the right decision. I just feel that she would have fit in better with H!P. She could have been groomed to become the perfect idol. I hope that she fits in with Avex being that that's the route she chose. If she ends up as a backup dancer or something similiar that's going to suck. I mean did she really think that she wouldn't be chosen?! Her dancing was superior and she sang better than the other 5 plus she has looks. Or perhaps Avex showed her the money.


  5. pengie says:

    Yeah, I'm thinking avex must have definitely given her a superior deal or else she likely wouldn't have skipped out on the final six. I think she would have fit in well with Morning Musume, yes… but it's also possible that avex has a multi-girl group in the making or a band that needed a young, talented vocalist. Either way, I'm going to be paying very close attention for any sighting of her. I really hope we hear from her again…


  6. Me too, let me know if you hear anything.


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