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Aichan’s “yume kara samete” pv.

This is the pv that I was most looking forward to seeing when I got the Pucchi Best 7 dvd. Actually a lot of the videos here I already own. It's actually not really a pv but rather a series … Continue reading

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“munasawagi scarlet” pv.

If I redid my favorite H!P songs of 2006 this song would now be included. I'm thinking somewhere in the top 5. The dance choreography is excellent in this video! I love their outfits too. The regular pv is good … Continue reading

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My 2nd December CdJapan order has arrived.

I normally order once a month from CdJapan but due to Berryz Koubou's wacky late release date (12/27) for their "munasawagi scarlet" pv dvd I didn't want to wait till late January to get this so I did a second … Continue reading

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Sayumin’s pink t-shirt.

Sayumin concert t-shirt I was going to buy a Gakisan dayplanner (I like her pic on the dayplanner the best) so I went to Ohta's eBay store but there it was…Sayumin's pink t-shirt. Like pink cotton candy. Like finding out … Continue reading

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A friend at work was telling me that there are new models coming out next year so I was wondering if I should wait to get one. Funny thing is that I just got a 2GB iPod nano for Christmas … Continue reading

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Morning Musume Fan Club Special CD.

This ten cd single collection is one of the more rare H!P items that I own. No where near as expensive as my Asayan "ai no tane" cd but still a bit expensive. The cds are all picture labeled with … Continue reading

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Finally getting around to watching my Hello Pro Hour dvds.

What I really like about these shows are the song performances. In each episode the host and 2 guests each perform a song with live musicians. The room the show is filmed is pretty cool too. Someone on the production … Continue reading

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I’m watching C-ute’s 2006 final in Yomiuriland East Live dvd.

The place where they're performing looks kinda like the Waikiki Shell here on the island of Oahu. During the intro pictures on the jumbo screen Airi seemed to get the loudest reaction from the audience. I thought that Maimi would … Continue reading

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New Up To Boy has arrived.

Up To Boy February 2007 Just got the call from Hakubundo today and I'll probably pick it up on Saturday. Here's more Sayumin. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Masuda Ayami to join H!P???

Masuda Ayami recording session I read the news about the winner of the Happy 8 Auditions before I got a chance to watch the H!M sp with the announcement and therefore wasn't in any hurry to watch this episode because … Continue reading

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